Bazar Shop – Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme

Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme 1

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Bazar Magento Version

Bazar is a fresh and creative theme that utilises the powerful Woo Commerce plugin to create a very versatile WordPress powered shop,
with unlimited layout options and a lot of unbelievable features.

Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme - 1

Some features of Bazar are:


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fxwiz:First, after using many different themes, and searching for months for the best possible theme…THIS IS IT! There is NO BETTER THEME by ANYONE, ANYWHERE for a global, beautify, defined, professional and fluid theme for eCommerce. However, this theme is for the right type of product but it gets NO BETTER! This is a masterpiece!

carlhalesdavies: If anyone is considering purchasing this theme or any other theme by this author, then just go for it! The themes are fantastic, but more importantly the support alone, is worth purchasing the themes! I have needed loads of help with little tweaks, that I have wanted to do with the website, and every time they come back to me very quickly with a solution. Seriously I can not thank the support team enough! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

sogo: By far, HANDS DOWN, the best functioning theme that I have ever bought on Themeforest before. Most themes looks nice on the outside and then you go to install them and see all their dirty secrets hidden on the back end, not this theme. You have made life as a designer a million times easier and it it much appreciated. Thank you.

ginj: Great theme, with fantastic support I’ve installed this theme and adapted it on behalf of a client. I’ve only had minor issues (which were due to my inability to read the instructions!!). The support team responded promptly and got me back on track. I can allay the fears of anyone hesitant about purchasing this theme for their own project, it works great and the support is faultless.  :)

bighawaii: I must add this is one badass theme. My opinion, best ecommerce theme hands down. Also add the fact you just updated it so fast with so MANY recent changes to WP and Woo ecom lately shows your team is truely on it. Many many thanks! Ten stars.

simonehow: Just wanted to let you know how fabulous I have found using this theme. Support is knowledgeable and very patient, in fact second to none in my experience (fast replies and super quick fixes) and the themes themselves are beautifully designed both visually and within the code. Thanks again! A customer for life here  :)

edse83: I’d never seen such a great work on all the small details of a theme, it looks awesome even on mobile devices, great, great. I’ve researched many woocommerce themes, this is by far the best. Congratz!!

jrafert: To anyone reviewing this theme to purchase. I had done the the latest upgrade recently and was having problems. I emailed for their support since my client needed this fixed ASAP, and they fixed it and were on top of helping me from the start. HIGHLY recommend and thanks for the incredible support and time you spent with helping me get the CSS issue resolved. Great theme, lots of functionality. WAY TO GO!!!!

dariostar: Great theme, very flexible, easy to customize, and above all, excellent, EXCELLENT support! I’m a total novice and I’ve been back and forth with the yithemes support people and they’ve been VERY helpful, fixing all my mistakes and helping me all the way.

ktuskey: I have worked with a lot of WP themes. I’ve NEVER written a review about one. Sara and team, really, you guys set the standard. I’m still reeling about how much is in the theme… the attention to detail and incredibly rich feature is, frankly, jaw dropping. Amazing…

Mr-orange: Very gorgeous theme! Easy to manage and offering plenty of possibilities to be personalized. Also I must say the support team is great, they helped me a lot with some issues and changes I wanted on my theme. I hoped the support to be good, but i have to say that is amazing! Bazar worths every penny  :)

Olly: I recently purchased this theme and I’m so excited  :) The support I have received has been brilliant and every problem that I reported has been fixed. I am now only few days from launching my site and couldn’t be happier. Thanks a lot for your help! Will definitely be recommending they go with this theme now!  :)

harvei: Hello, Sara… Just loging in to make a comment about the size of the theme…. it is truly fantastic. So many other themes have small print and tiny size pages and it looks outdated and old…. Your theme however, is big, bold, bright and clean and modern looking… super fantastic. just wanted to add that to brighten your day Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme 2)” title=” :)” />

argos: Sara_p: your support TEAM, is by far, the best at TF. I got answers for every question I made at your support centre, faster than any other developer here. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

suckerfish990: Love this theme design and everything in it , also the tech support , thx for updating the theme , the theme is faster than previous version . Very happy with this theme now . All the best to your sale Sara  :)

MSLink: Want to tell everyone that there is a real good theme! I’m almost finished with my shop page. I will share the link here so everyone can see that it works great with that theme. Good work everyone in Bazar team!

kaixier:I’m very happy with your theme. Very details and nice. Support also great. As one of your happy customers, why don’t you share my live site in your description.  :D thanks and good luck.  :D

OliverTwister: I have to say I’m very impressed. You worked very hard on this theme, to make it compatible with the last version of Woo Commerce and to fix the small issues we reported in the support desk. Finally, the last update fixed all the bugs i had!!!! As Promoworks said, my site is not slow, and your theme is GREAT. Thank you so much for this amazing work on this piece of art, i really appreciate your support and your reliability.

miss_trony: Honestly i think that this one is by far the best, well designed, easiest to customize e-commerce theme i purchased on TF. A real pleasure to work with Bazar, if I could give it 10 stars I would, lol

lovelytemplates: Wow, very clean and superb design for Ecommerce website…Love the Zoom functionality and ability to use as a catalog website. I think this is the only best theme with all Ecommerce functionality like Wishlist, Compare etc., Sure, this is a HIT…

orangesandlime: One word: WOW! Haven’t yet come across a theme with so many options, so well-structured, so easy to modify and so well documented. Bravo!

harpcustom: This is such a really awesome theme. The only time I have had an issue with something running off the page, all I had to do is reduce the font size and it resets the way it should be. Truly an awesome theme. Keep up the good work guys.

wpsam:This is one of the BEST ecommerce themes I’ve seen in the longest time.  :)

bassfade: I want to thank Sara, Nicola (Support yithemes), have solved my problem. I am satisfied, support quick and efficient, very friendly operators!! thanks

endure4c: I do recommend this theme. The Admin panel and unlimited features place this theme into a league of its own. I believe many businesses will benefit with it.
If support maintain 5 Star quality under its new platform, this theme will be a best seller.

Also a corporate theme

Love the Bazar style for your corporate or portfolio site? turn off the cart and use it for your corporate theme. There are 9 different portfolio layouts,
8 blog layouts and so on!

Update history

3.8.0 – Released on 27 January 2020

3.7.0 – Released on 6 November 2019

3.6.0 – Released on 17 August 2019

3.5.0 – Released on 19 April 2019

VER 3.4.0 – Released Dec, 11 – 2018

Ver 3.3.0 – Released Oct, 27 – 2018

Ver 3.2.0 – Released May, 29 – 2018

Ver 3.1.5 – Released Feb, 01 – 2018

Ver 3.1.4 – Released Nov, 28 – 2017

Ver 3.1.3 – Released Sep, 08 – 2017

Ver 3.1.2 – Released Aug, 30 – 2017

Ver 3.1.1 – Released May, 16 – 2017

Ver 3.1.0 – Released Apr, 12 – 2017

Ver 3.0.3 – Released Mar, 16 – 2017

Ver 3.0.2 – Released Nov, 14 – 2016

Ver 3.0.1 – Released Jun, 13 – 2016

Ver 3.0.0 – Released Apr, 27 – 2016

Ver 2.7.0 – Released Apr, 07 – 2016

Ver 2.6.8 – Released Feb, 18 – 2016

Ver 2.6.7 – Released Feb, 08 – 2016

Ver 2.6.6 – Released Jan, 22 – 2016

Ver 2.6.5 – Released Jan, 19 – 2016

Ver 2.6.4 – Released Dec, 31 – 2015

Ver 2.6.3 – Released Oct, 27 – 2015

Ver 2.6.2 – Released Oct, 27 – 2015

Ver 2.6.1 – Released Aug, 31 – 2015

Ver 2.6.0 – Released Aug, 20 – 2015

Ver 2.5.6 – Released Jun, 11 – 2015

Ver 2.5.5 – Released Apr, 24 – 2015

Ver 2.5.4 – Released Apr, 13 – 2015

Ver 2.5.3 – Released Mar, 05 – 2015

Ver 2.5.2- Released Feb, 24 – 2015

Ver 2.5.1- Released Feb, 20 – 2015

Ver 2.5.0- Released Feb, 11 – 2015

Ver 2.4.8- Released Dec, 22 – 2014

Ver 2.4.7- Released Nov, 28 – 2014

Ver 2.4.6- Released Nov, 03 – 2014

Ver 2.4.5- Released Oct, 13 – 2014

Ver 2.4.4 – Released Oct, 06 – 2014

Ver 2.4.3 – Released Sep, 17 – 2014

Ver 2.4.2 – Released Sep, 12 – 2014

Ver 2.4.1 – Released Sep, 2 – 2014

Ver 2.4.0 – Jul 20

Ver 2.3.0 – Apr 17, 2014

Ver 2.2.3 – Apr 07, 2014

Ver 2.2.2 – Mar 20

Ver 2.2.1 – Feb 26

Ver 2.2.0 – Feb 18

Ver 2.1.0 – Dec 24

Ver 2.0.1 – Dec 06

Version 2.0.0 – Oct 10

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Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme - 2Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme - 3

SHOP Features

SEO Optimized

On each page you can improve your SEO by adding custom title, description, keywords and so on. Also, in the theme options panel you can set the
general keywords for your site. Also, on each page you can use the h1, h2, h3 structure and improve also the usability of your site with the breadcrumbs feature.

Shortcode Manager

Choose Your Fonts & Colors

General Features

Unlimited Sliders with 8 Different responsive Slider Types (a Premium Revolutions slider and a Grid slider Included for a Value of 110$)

You can have a different slider for each page and choose from 8 different slider types:

Corporate features

Unlimited Portfolio with 9 portfolio layouts

Screencast Theme Support

Customize your theme easily with our video tutorials.

Sample Data

Import our sample data and make your WordPress look like our demo with just one click!


  • 500 Buttons essential:, purchased a multiple applications license.
  • Contact form and buttons icons:
  • Awkward slideshow:
  • Elastic slider, thanks to Codropos:
  • Revolution slider:
  • Flexi Slider
  • Piecemaker Flash slider:
  • Google Fonts: Webfonts with Google fonts
  • jCarousel by
  • Rotating slider:
  • Elastislider by Tympanus:
  • Animated banner by Tympanus:
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