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Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured eCommerce WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like an eCommerce Ready Shop and Responsive Layout.

Theme Features

eCommerce Features

Custom Fonts used in theme

Theme Updates – Changelog

==Version 4.7 – 19 February 2020==
Updated WooCommerce Templates

==Version 4.6 – 1 May 2019==
Added support for WooCommerce 3.6.X

Files Updated:
style.css (WooCommerce Single Section)

==Version 4.5 – 4 November 2018==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.5.x

File Updates:
removed /single-product/share.php

==Version 4.4 – 3 March 2018==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.3

Files Updated
functions.php (new image size added)

Removed Files:

==Version 4.3 - 23 August 2017==
Added full SSL support

==Version 4.2 - 1 July 2017==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.1

Files Updated

==Version 4.1 - 1 May 2017==
Added support for new WooCommerce Gallery
Updated Files
Deleted /loop/result-count.php

==Version 4.0 - 5 April 2017==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.X.X
Updated Plugins: Slider Revolution(
Updated plugins under /Additional Files/ folder of download
How to update plugins:
Files Updated: 
Deleted Files:

==v3.9 28 July 2016 ==
Added support for latest WooCommerce update
Files Updated:

==v3.8 - 2 July 2016 ==
Added support for new required Google Maps API Key
Files Updated: functions.php

==v3.7 16 June 2016 ==
Added support for WooCommerce 2.6.x. Updated Files:
-style.css (section 07. ECOMMERCE)

==v3.6 19 January 2016 ==
WooCommerce 2.5 Support Added!
-Files Updated:

==v3.5 - 10 December 2015 ==
-WordPress 4.4 Supported!
-Updated /single-product/price.php file

==v3.4 - 20 August 2015 ==
-WordPress 4.3 Support Added!
-Updated /widgets/ folder

==v3.3 - 13 August 2015 ==
-Added Support for WooCommerce 2.4.x
Files Updated:  content-product.php, content-product_cat.php and /single-product/tabs/tabs.php

==v3.2 - 14 June 2015 ==
-prettyPhoto Lightbox Plugin Update
Files Updated:  /js/plugins.js

==v3.1 - 12 February 2015 ==
- Options Framework updated
- Support added for WooCommerce 2.3.x
Files Updated: 
- style.css (Bottom section noted as v3.1 update)
- functions.php (Lines 154-167)
- /global/breadcrumb.php
- /single-product/related.php
- product-searchform.php

==v3.0 - 11 September 2014 ==
-Support added for WooCommerce 2.2.x
-Files updated:

==v2.9 - 21 August 2014 ==
-File Updated: /single-products/product-thumbnails.php  (Fixed product thumbnail spacing)
-File Updated: style.css on line 803  (Fixed product thumbnail border)

==v2.8 - 23 May 2014 ==
-Updated tablet styles to fix column layout on iPad
-Only File Updated - /css/responsive.css

==v2.7 - 19 February 2014 ==
-Fixed WooCommerce Notices
-Removed /myaccount/ folder
-Removed /order/ folder
-Removed /global/form-login.php
-Removed /loop/add-to-cart.php
-Removed /single-product/add-to-cart/ folder
-Removed /single-product/review.php
-Removed /single-product/product-attributes.php

==v2.6 - 11 February 2014 ==
-Updates for WooCommerce 2.1+
-Updated style.css under section WooCommerce Styles
-Added /global/ folder for WooCommerce sidebar
-Edited /single-product/product-image.php
-Removed single-product-reviews.php file
-Remove /cart/ Folder
-Remove /checkout/ folder
-Removed /single-product/add-to-cart/ folder

==v2.5 - 7 November 2013 ==
-Updated plugins.js file for the latest version of FitVids Responsive Videos script

==v2.4 - 24 June 2013 ==
-Updated style.css under navigation section

==v2.3 - 9 May 2013 ==
-Updated Twitter API and Documentation

==v2.2 - 29 April 2013 ==
-Updated Star Rating Styling for latest version of WooCommerce

==v2.1 - 18 March 2013 ==
-Minor Theme Tweaks for WooCoomerce 2.0:
Updated Files: 
homepage.php (sidebar option aded)
options.php (sidebar option aded)
content-product_cat.php (replace entire file)
style.css (New CSS labeled at the bottom of the style.css file)

==v2.0 - 5 March 2013 ==
-Theme Updated- Compatible with WooCommerce 2.0!

==v1.9 - 1 December 2012 ==
-Minor My Account CSS Adjustments

==v1.8 - 21 November 2012 ==
-Updated Print Stylesheet
-Removed drop-down from Checkout
-Camp Sale icon added on latest products widget
-Fixed Cache issues on W3 Total Cache

==v1.7 - 2 November 2nd 2012 ==
-Updated Portfolio templates with minor changes

==v1.6 - 20 October 2012 ==
-Minor updates to Theme.
-Twitter Widget Update.  Replace /js/plugins.js file for Twitter API Update

==v1.5 - 27 September 2012 ==
-Shortcodes Update: Updated shortcodes.php file. This is to ensure compatibility with third party plugins using the visual editor.

==v1.4 - 27 September 2012 ==
-Security Patch: We’ve updated the (framework/metaboxes.php) file to patch a security hole.
-Translation Update for Missing Header Information (header.php) and new (/lang) folder.

==v1.2-1.3 - 21 September 2012 ==
-Styling additions have been added to the bottom of the (style.css) file and labeled.

==v1.1 - 23 August 2012 ==
-Updated ()/single-product/product-image.php) file. This allows for custom images per each attribute.
-Also minor (style.css) updates for the additional functionality. I have noted this update at the bottom of the (style.css) file.

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