Polaris — Minimal & Powerful Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Polaris — Minimal & Powerful Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme 1

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Build powerful eCommerce websites advanced with Live Search functions & filters, 5 unique styled prebuilt demos 1 click import & 6 months support

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

With many WordPress themes on the market today trying to cater to every need and type of
website available, what you are often left with is a flashy look, bells and whistles, but an
undercooked online shop.
On the flipside of that is Polaris – a WordPress theme designed and developed from the ground
up, with the user experience of online shopping at its core.

Ecommerce Like Never Before

Created specifically for eCommerce trading, Polaris is a unique WooCommerce theme for
WordPress that will help you build an online store that will take your sales from zero to hero.
Because of the focus on e-Commerce and online trading you will find powerful features that will
help you categorize your inventory in clever ways to help you maximize sales.

Drag & Drop Functionality

Not only that but everything can be built, customized and used with a suite of very simple to use
Drag & Drop tools that work much like the way you use other programs today. Simply select the
item you want to use, drag it into place, and drop it where you like and Polaris will take care of
the rest.

Extended Functionality

Provide your users with powerful filters so they can get to the exact products they want with a
minimum of fuss. Go a step further and provide even more awesome features to distinguish you
from the rest including Live Chat built, Request a Quote functionality and of course Wish Lists or
even Catalog Mode.
If you don’t want the extra layer of functionality you can easily disable and enable it from the
familiar WordPress dashboard.

Multiple Payment Gateways

All the top payment gateways for the official WooCommerce extensions will work exactly as
expected without any further coding required on your behalf. We built Polaris to integrate
flawlessly with all of the available WooCommerce extensions so that you won’t have to worry
about any compatibility issues once you are up and running.

WooCommerce Hard Wired

All of the WooCommerce shortcodes are of course available to you from the familiarity of the
Visual Composer drag & drop editor, so again no coding on your part needed. Huzzah!

Future Proof Responsive Design

Polaris has been developed with today’s modern devices in mind, so that no matter what your
website is being viewed up, Polaris will serve up the perfect user experience every time.
From desktops to notebooks, tablets and smartphones, its beautiful optimized 1170px layout will
look simply awesome. We also provide you with stunning backgrounds and easy to change
colour palettes that help you personalise your online store to suit your brand’s identity.

Prebuilt Demos

Bucking the Multipurpose trend Polaris comes with five specific demos that each serve a
different style, fully prebuilt and ready to roll.
Each demo can be easily selected, you can change the overall style from Full Width to Fixed,
Boxed Solid or Boxed Image whereby you can easily ‘pin’ your choose image to be the website
background. They all come with a distinct colour palette that is ready to use and suited to a wide
range of uses.
Why not take it for a spin for yourself and check out the different demos now?


Designed with that retro feel and a paired back minimalist look, Vintage includes all the
functionality described above including a Wishlist and User Accounts and beautifully styled
individual listings.
Each listing includes the ability for users to post reviews, share individual products, request a
quote or add to a wishlist.


Recognising just how complex a large fashion brand website can get, the aptly titled Fashion Demo provides you with everything needed to create an immersive fashion experience for your website.

With a Mega-Menu at the core of the user experience you can see view complex store categories at a glance – just take a look at how the taxonomy works by hovering over Men, Women or Catalog for a sneak peek at what’s in store. Imagine how this layout could work for you in a few easy clicks!


The Coffee Demo clearly lends itself to the Food category and shows just how much further you can take your new website with a cleverly designed theme.

Featuring a full screen landing page that demonstrates exactly how you could showcase your talent in a very visually exciting way. Building couldn’t be easier with the use of Visual Composer, take a look by clicking through on the demo below, at the Features under Mega Menu and select Visual Composer Blocks to get just a glimpse of what is waiting for you.

Spices & Tea

The Spices & Tea Demo takes all of the functionality from Coffee and flipping it with a carefully selected lighter color palette and showcasing the power of Slider Revolution on the homepage.

Use Coupon Codes to offer special deals to your customers, personalize their experience with Team Profile pages and crank up your SEO efforts with a blog loaded with killer content.


Jewelry is a very contemporary design that speaks for itself, with stunning full page graphics on the homepage with sliders that can animate and even more free extras, like the Ultimate Addons which you can view in the Mega Menu from Extras> Ultimate Addons. Awesome doesn’t cover it!

Everything WYSIWYG

Seen it all?

Well not quite! We have worked hard with Polaris to provide you with a specifically crafted eCommerce website that requires little more than your best content to get up and running exactly how you wanted.

But what if something doesn’t fit? Making the most of the included Plugins, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, everything can be modified with the Live Visual Editor. This lets you see changes as you go… drag, drop and view the update.

It’s that simple.

Key features

Change log

v.1.1.41 - October 1st, 2019
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Fixed minor issues;
v.1.1.40 - July 24th, 2019
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.39 - May 9th, 2019
* Supports WooCommerce 3.6;
v.1.1.39 - April 15th, 2019
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.38 - January 25th, 2019
* Fixed issue with social sharing (removed google plus that's shutting down);
* Included the Envato Market Plugin to replace the old auto update solution;
v.1.1.37 - January 7th, 2019
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.36 - October 30th, 2018
* WooCommerce 3.5.0 support;
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Fixed issue with quickshop;
v.1.1.35 - June 1st, 2018
* WooCommerce 3.4.1 support;
* Fixed issue with cart terms select checkbox;
* Bundled plugins
v.1.1.34 - April 2nd, 2018
* Fixed issue with cart shipping select checkbox;
* Updated Slider Revolution;
v.1.1.33 - March 14th, 2018
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.32 - February 22th, 2018
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.31 - February 9th, 2018
* Supports WooCommerce 3.3.1;
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.31 - November 24th, 2017
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.30 - October 14th, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.2.0
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.29 - August 2nd, 2017
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Fixed issue with visual composer product block;
v.1.1.28 - June 30th, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.1.0
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.27 - May 22nd, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.0.7
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.26 - April 25h, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.0.4
* Updated bundled plugins;
v.1.1.25 - April 19h, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.0.3
* Fixed issue with Android search functionality;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.24 - April 11th, 2017
* Fixes issue with related products and cross sells;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.23 - April 10th, 2017
* Supports WooCommerce 3.0.1
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.22 - March 8th, 2017
* Updated bundled plugins;
* Fixed issues with translation files;
* Improved styling for password reset page;
* Fixed issue with map marker;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.21 - December 13th
* Updated Slider Revolution;
* Improved WP 4.7 support;
v.1.1.20 - November 14th
* Updated Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Ultimate Addons plugins;
v.1.1.19 - September 9th
* Updated Visual Composer;
v.1.1.18 - August 26th
* Fixed issue with social share counter
v.1.1.17 - August 18th
* Fixed cart update bug
v.1.1.16 - August 17th
* Updated to support WooCommerce 2.6.4;
v.1.1.15 - June 20th
* Updated to support WooCommerce 2.6.1;
v.1.1.14 - June 16th
* Updated to support WooCommerce 2.6;
* Updated bundled plugins - Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Ultimate Addons;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.13 - April 26th
* Updated bundled plugins - Visual Composer, Slider Revolution to better support WP 4.5;
v.1.1.12 - April 12th
* Updated bundled plugins - Slider Revolution;
* Fixed issue with brand slider;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.11 - March 17th
* Supports WooCommerce 2.5.5
* Updated bundled plugins - Visual Composer, Slider Revolution & Ultimate Addons;
* Fixed issue with auto updates;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.10 - March 2nd
* Supports WooCommerce 2.5.3
* Updated bundled plugins - Visual Composer & Ultimate Addons;
* Fixed issue with product reviews;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.9 - February 9th
* Supports WooCommerce 2.5.2
* Updated bundled plugins - Ultimate Addons;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.8 - January 29th
* Supports WooCommerce 2.5.1
* Fixed issue with catalog add to cart button;
* Updated bundled plugins - Ultimate Addons;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.7 - January 20th
* Supports WooCommerce 2.5.0
* Added support for Composite products plugin;
* Updated Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons plugins;
* Fixed issue with theme registration over SSL;
* Fixed issue with comment and review forms;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.6 - December 15th
* Updated Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons plugins;
* Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.12;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.5 - November 30th
* Updated Revolution Slider;
* Fixed issue with social sharing. Twitter no longer counted in the share count, due to twitter.com removing support for this feature;
* Improved IE11 scrolling performance;
* Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.10;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
v.1.1.4 - November 30th
* Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.9
* Updated bundled plugin - Visual Composer;
* Fixed an issue with instagram share;
* Fixed a layout issue for disabled product ratings;
v.1.1.3 - November 3rd
* Updated bundled plugin - Visual Composer;
* Better support for long text logos on mobile;
* Fixed an issue with catalog mode;
* Fixed an issue with sidebar manager;
* Improved positioning of boxed background images;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
v.1.1.2 - October 23th
* Updated bundled plugin - Ultimate VC Addons and Revolution Slider;
* Improved social share reliability;
* Added 2 new label colors - gold and blue;
* Removed date for pages after popular request;
* Added checking for PHP GD library to theme status page;
* Better positioning for footer on pages with little or no content;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
v.1.1.1 - October 13th
* Bug fixed for footer and product page in mobile mode;
* Fixed issue with dropdown menu arrows;
* Improved product share styling;
* Product category image size fix;
* Updated bundled plugin - Ultimate VC Addons;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
v1.1 - October 6th
* Added new color preset/demo - VINTAGE;
* Added theme registration and AUTO UPDATE features;
* Improved child theme functionality with support for child theme language folder;
* Added social share counter to products;
* Fixed an issue with WooCommerce variants;
* Improved support for WooCommerce shortcodes with up to 8 columns;
v1.0.2 - September 25th
* Added option to easily use extra Google fonts;
* Improved usability of responsive main menu;
* Added support for WooCommerce catalog shortcodes with 6 columns;
* Improved support with Polylang plugin;
* Improved color editing features;
* Updated bundled plugins - Revolution slider and Visual Composer;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
v1.0.1 - September 9th
* Polaris now updates cart totals when adding item from quick actions pane in catalog;
* Improved styling for grouped products;
* Added new style editor settings - border thickness, menu & title font size/weight
* Updated bundled plugin - Revolution slider
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;


Want to learn more? Check out Polaris documentation.

Help and Support

If you need help with this theme, please visit our support forum. Please note that we are located in Europe, so support is available only at European daytime during working days. It may take up to 48h for well detailed response to your problem.

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