PrimaShop – Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 1

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PrimaShop For WooCommerce – Clean WordPress Theme

PrimaShop v1.x focuses on SIMPLICITY. Currently, we are working on PrimaShop v2.0 update to follow current ThemeForest standard. Stay tune.

Changelogs v1.8.2 – 17 June 2016

  • added: compatible with WooCommerce 2.6
  • added: styling My Account tab navigation on WooCommerce 2.6

Changelogs v1.8.1 – 2 June 2016

Changelogs v1.8.0 – 1 June 2016

  • updated: compatible with WordPress 4.5.2
  • updated: compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.5
  • updated: Revolution Slider v5.2.5.3
  • updated: FontAwesome 4.6.3
  • updated: TGMPA 2.5.2
  • improved: use “push” slidebars style
  • improved: new widget class constructor
  • added: homepage dummy to shortcode button

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 2

The Last WooCommerce WordPress Theme You Will Ever Need. Requires WooCommerce 2.0+

Hi, I’ve just installed this Theme and I have to say how refreshing it is..
So many have all these fancy gizmos but just end up being annoying…
This is so clean, great documentation.. BEST WOOCOMMERCE BY FAR
~ spidershop

Unbranded and Easy To Use Theme Settings

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 3

Believe me, we do not have “bling bling” or fancy theme settings page with our own big logo here. It is totally unbranded for you!

PrimaShop gave us the ability to compete. The PrimaShop theme is plug and play right out of the gate. Extremely customizable, branding your own ecommerce site with PrimaShop is only limited by your own imagination. My hats off to the folks at Primathemes for developing such a powerful theme that puts professional results in the hands of newbies like me. And special thanks to their customer support for getting back to me quickly and explaining things in language I can understand.
~ Joe Ambrose

Simple Design Settings

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 4

Branding your online store is really easy using this WordPress theme. Our design settings uses built-in WordPress Theme Customizer where you can change colors and backgrounds on all sections of your site with live preview!

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Unlimited Colors

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 5

You can customize the colors easily using design settings (customizer) page. We also provide some examples of design settings file that you can import to change the visual display of your theme quickly!

Watch Video Tutorial

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 6

You can use custom image / slider / custom HTML for your featured header on any post/page/product, and also your shop page!

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Advanced Content Layout System

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 7

We give you 9 (nine) different content layout possibility from one, two, or three columns. You can also change the content layout per post/page/product when editing your post/page/product!

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PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 8

This theme comes with sidebars management feature, sometimes you call it “Unlimited Sidebars”!

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Flexible Ecommerce Settings

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 9

Yes, you can change products per page, products per row, show/hide any elements on your shop page, without touching any code!

We know, sometimes you want to hide the price and add to cart button to make it on Catalog mode.

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Custom Branding

PrimaShop - Clean WooCommerce WordPress Theme 10

Sometimes you don’t want to install more plugin for uploading custom favicon, custom login logo, custom admin logo, and custom admin footer text. Yes, you can do it from Theme Settings!

We give you flexibility to choose your footer widgets layout! We have 8 different footer widgets layout from 1 to 4 columns.

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Easy Documentation

Our theme comes with “easy to follow” PDF documentation. No need to be a nerd to use it!

We don’t want to give you any false promise. See the documentation file before you buy to know exactly what you can expect from this theme!

Check Our Theme Documentation!

Easy Video Tutorials

Our theme comes with “easy to follow” video tutorials to show that it is really easy to use for you!

AGAIN, We don’t want to give you any false promise. Watch the video tutorials first to know exactly what you can expect from this theme! Is it easy to use for you?

Check Our Video Tutorials!

100% Child Theme Ready

We provide a working and ready to use child theme sample for you. Using child theme, you can customize our theme, without modifying our theme, so that if the our theme ever gets updated, your modifications on child theme are safe, because you’ve created a new theme and the update will only change the parent theme files.

With a child theme, you can also rebrand our theme with your own name, without modifying our theme!

Actively Developed

We develop our theme on private GIT repository to track code changes, issues, and milestones.

View theme updates changelogs

Top Notch Support

Everyone on our Customer Care team is an experienced WordPress developer and user. We give you the best support by real people.

5 days a week support (Monday-Friday). Any theme issue? Our support team is ready to help!

Click here for support NO registration needed!

Most developers on ThemeForest can’t seem to understand (or maybe they just ignore) WordPress best practices. Btw, I looked for other themes on ThemeForest today that use the Customizer and I couldn’t find one. Honestly, I wish WordPress would just do away with options pages once and for all and push everyone to use the Customizer like you guys.
~ jpelker

Simple Shortcode Button Generator

We provide some useful shortcodes, from basic column shortcode to advanced product shortcodes. And we believe you don’t want to remember all of them!

Google Font Ready

You can use Google Font from this theme. But we do not include 600+ Google fonts on this theme. It is a good part of education. You need to check the impact of the Google font on your website page load time because using some Google font styles can slow down your webpage. Please only select the font styles that you actually need on your webpage!

Localization Ready

It is ready to translate to other language (.mo/.po is available).

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This theme require:

No core WooCommerce template overrides present in this theme.
Translate: It is future-proof WooCommerce compatible and it is compatible with most of WooCommerce extensions. If you find any compatibility issue with any WooCommerce extension, let us now by sending us email through our
profile page.

NOTE: If you need WP E-Commerce (WPEC) version, please visit PrimaShop For WP E-Commerce (WPEC)

Does it work with ?

NO, this WordPress Theme is compatible with self hosted WordPress ( ). It is not compatible with free WordPress Blog ( ). You can read this article to learn the differences,

Does it work with WP E-Commerce (WPEC) plugin by GetShopped ?

NO, this WordPress Theme is dedicated for WooCommerce only. If you need WP E-Commerce (WPEC) version, please visit PrimaShop For WP E-Commerce (WPEC).

XML Demo Data Is Included

We provide XML demo data in the main PrimaShop file. Be aware that demo images is not included in this XML file.

Note: Demo Images Are Not Included

You know it, Envato respect copyrights, and we do. Some demo images are bought using regular licenses that allows us to use it for demo / preview purpose only. We can’t distribute it to you, but if you like it and want to buy it, these are some of them:

Credits ( And Inspirations)

We love Open Source, and we use some of them for this theme.

We are human and sometimes we make a mistake. If you find any code/js/image that is not properly licensed, let us now by sending us email through our profile page. We promise to fix it quickly to make it properly licensed.

Where is WP FlexiShop 2 WordPress Theme?
Why is it not under PrimaThemes account now?

Please read the latest update about this change here

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