Techmarket – Multi-demo & Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Techmarket - Multi-demo & Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 1

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Compatible with WCFM, WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro, Dokan & WC Marketplace for multi-vendor platform

Techmarket – Multi-demo & Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Techmarket – Electronics, Organics, Shoes, Glasses, Tools, Fashion & Affiliates WooCommerce Theme is our answer to new trends in full resolution designs. Clean, smart, robust and flexible multi-demo & electronics store WordPress WooCommerce theme with vertical and horizontal menu variants – ideal for any type of eCommerce Shop. This theme is brought to you by the same team that developed Electro – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme, MediaCenter – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme, Pizzaro – Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme and MyBag – Single Product WooCommerce Theme.

Statistics says that much more potential customers are browsing websites in 1920px wide resolution now. In that way using old 1170 or even 980 grid system only, we are losing so much space we could use to show more products on for the user.

Techmarket – Electronics, Organics, Shoes, Glasses, Tools, Fashion & Affiliates WooCommerce Theme, concept idea is to use as much space in very clean and user-friendly way to show lot of products in various ways.

You can find 7 different shop demos, 8 different Home Page styles, 2 Landing Pages and lot of shop pages to choose your favourite. Any content from each single Homepage or shop page can be transferred into another one very easily.

The design is well suited for Electronics Store, organics stores, retail stores, shoes store, garden tools store, glass store, vendor based marketplaces using plugins like Dokan, WC Vendors or WC Marketplace and affiliate websites using plugins like Prosociate or WooZone. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular eCommerce websites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, walmart, alibaba, aliexpress, souq, jadopado etc. So if you are an amazon affiliate or want a multi-vendor marketplace for your niche market or a store owner, this theme is for you.

The theme is built on top of Underscores framework. The code is lean and extensible. This will allow developers to easily add functionality to your side via child theme and/or custom plugin(s).

It features deep integration with WooCommerce core plus several of the most popular extensions:

Techmarket – Frequently Asked Questions

I have a silly ( or basic or simple ) question related to Techmarket, Can …
Please don’t worry about asking any type of questions related to our theme. We are happy to answer them all. Please reach us from the
support tab.

How do I update the theme ?
We release updates on need basis. You can check our
changelog to see our release history. Please use Envato Market plugin (included in the theme) to update the theme. We have documented the steps to update the theme here : Updating a Themforest Theme

Can I trial your theme before purchase ?
We strongly recommend you to trial our theme before purchase and ask as many as questions you may have before purchase. Please
request a trial along with any plugins you wish to test the theme with and we’ll setup a trial for you.

More questions answered here : FAQ

Trial & Dummy Data

If you’d like to try out the theme before purchasing, please email our support and we’ll setup a trial website for you.

Also a word about the Dummy Data. Once you import the dummy data provided with the download package, you will get a website similar to this :

This is with placeholders and default WooCommerce products. If you are looking for dummy data similar to demo, please email our support and we’ll provide you with our dummy data.

Please note that the demo has lot of images and it would take sometime to import all images. You need to have higher PHP execution time. However you can simply skip the images if you don’t want images. If your importer stops in the middle it is more like due to execution time out. In that case you will simply have to re-import it again ( don’t worry it will not duplicate ).

Techmarket Extensions

To take your stores to the next level we have bundled this theme with the Techmarket Extensions plugin which provides advanced features like :

Techmarket Documentation

You can view the Techmarket Documentation here :

You can also view our video tutorials here at

Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro & WC Marketplace Compatible

Techmarket is a WooCommerce theme and it supports all features of WooCommerce. Multi-vendor management is not a default feature of WooCommerce. However there are WooCommerce extensions like Dokan, WC Vendors, WCFM and WC Marketplace ( all of them offer a free version ) allow you to extend WooCommerce into a multi-vendor platform. Techmarket supports all the three above mentioned plugins. So, yes you can build a multi-vendor website using Techmarket.

Having said that if there are any issues with Dokan or WC Vendors or WC Market places apart from UI issues, we cannot help fix it. This is because while the theme is compatible with these plugins, they are essentially third-party plugins and are not covered by our support policy. However if there is any UI issues like a broken form while using these plugins, we will help you fix it.

Techmarket Help & Support

Generally the comments section is reserved for pre-sales questions and questions that does not require much technical help. For better response and management of support request please create a new support request by contacting us via support

Please note that the comments section and support email are our only support channels. Please do not use Envato form to send support requests.

Techmarket Features


WooCommerce Features

Blog Options

Other Customization options

Demo Pages

Shop Demos
Home & Landing Pages
Shop Pages
Single Product Pages
WooCommerce Pages
Blog Pages
Other Pages

Refund Policy

We strongly recommend you to trial our theme before purchase and ask as many as questions you may have before purchase. Being a digital product there is a stringent refund policy. Please read about our refund policy here

Release History

2020-03-12 – v1.4.5

Feature : WooCommerce 4.x compatible
Update  : Slider Revolution to 6.2.2

2020-02-21 – v1.4.4

Feature : Compatibility with WPForms
Feature : Theme options for WPForm button color
Update  : Updated Dummy Data
Update  : Slider Revolution to 6.1.8

2020-01-16 – v1.4.3

Feature : Additional Theme Options
Feature : Fontawesome 5.12.0
Feature : Improvements to Shop Archive View render logic
Feature  : Lighter Techmarket Theme
Update  : Slider Revolution to 6.1.6
Fix     : Fixed issues with WCFM

2019-09-06 – v1.4.2

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8
Update  : Slider Revolution to 6.1.3
Fix     : Fixed an issue with reviews

2019-08-01 – v1.4.1

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution to 6.0.7
Feature : WCFM Compatible

2019-06-20 – v1.4.0

Feature : Elementor Compatible
Feature : Improvements to One Click Demo Import
Update  : Updated Slider Revolution to

2019-04-19 – v1.3.1

Update  : Replaced deprecated function get_woocommerce_term_meta

2019-04-18 – v1.3.0

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.6
Update  : Updated Slider Revolution

2019-01-08 – v1.2.10

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution
Update  : Footer more filters added
Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.5
Fix     : Fixed an issue with menu icons
Fix     : Fixed an issue with category carousel slug
Fix     : Fixed an issue with shop jumbotron filter issue
Fix     : Fixed an issue with dropdown menu arrow

2018-08-17 – v1.2.9

Update  : Updated handheld header search block
Fix     : Fixed an issue with Products Carousel with image block
Fix     : Fixed an issue with variation images in product gallery

2018-07-16 – v1.2.8

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution
Fix     : Fixed an issue with mobile search block
Fix     : Fixed an issue with handheld menu dropdown

2018-06-04 – v1.2.7

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution
Fix     : Fixed an issue with single product review rating
Fix     : Fixed an issue with category widget alignment

2018-05-19 – v1.2.6

Update  : WooCommerce templates updated for 3.4
Update  : Filter added for hidemaxlistitem
Fix     : Fixed an issue with primary color
Fix     : Fixed an issue with categlog mode
Fix     : Fixed an issue with star rating

2018-02-23 – v1.2.5

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.3
Fix     : Fixed rtl issues related to deal timer

2018-02-07 – v1.2.4

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.1

2018-02-02 – v1.2.3

Fix     : CSS issues related to WooCommerce 3.3.0

2018-02-01 – v1.2.2

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.0
Update  : Updated Slider Revolution and WPBPage Builder ( formerly Visual Composer )
Update  : Roboto font family as a fallback for Rubik
Fix     : Issues with posts gallery
Fix     : Issue with variation SKU
Fix     : Responsive issues

2017-12-20 – v1.2.1

Feature : WooCommerce Tab manager compatibility added
Update  : Revolution Slider updated to
Update  : YITH premium plugins check added for tgmpa
Update  : Single product gallery updated
Fix     : Onsale variable product price issue fixed
Fix     : Checkout shipping total style issue fixed
Fix     : Accessories tab style issue fixed
Fix     : Mobile menu firefox issue fixed
Fix     : Blog grid issues fixed
Fix     : Blog style issue fixed in archives

2017-11-23 – v1.2.0

Feature : WC Composite Products compatibility added
Feature : YITH Compare ajax header counter added
Feature : YITH Wishlist ajax header counter added
Update  : Revolution Slider updated to
Update  : Gallery zoom support filter added
Fix     : Products query transiant name conflict
Fix     : Categories carousel slug issue fixed
Fix     : Home v6 carousel arrow issue fixed
Fix     : Product item style issue fixed

2017-11-17 – v1.1.2

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.4
Update  : Revolution Slider updated to
Update  : Departments menu dropdown animation updated
Update  : Product item inner wrap added
Fix     : Products carousel block responsive issue fixed
Fix     : Home v3 categories carousel slug issue fixed
Fix     : Home v4, Home v5 carousel arrow issue fixed
Fix     : Android handheld menu dropdown issue fix
Fix     : Carousel navigation issues fixed
Fix     : Mobile menu style issues fixed
Fix     : Yith ajax filter issue fixed
Fix     : Header z-index issue fixed
Fix     : Minicart style issue fixed

2017-10-12 – v1.1.1

Update  : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.0
Update  : Revolution Slider updated to
Update  : VC, KC elements info updated
Update  : Fine-tuned mobile menu
Update  : Brand Images display style
Update  : Dokan and WC Vendors pro additional pages
Feature : Compatible with YITH Ajax Filters
Fix     : Issues with single product availability

2017-09-19 – v1.1.0

Compatibility : Additional params for Visual Composer & King Composer
Compatibility: Additional compatibility for Vendors Pro & Dokan
Compatibility : WPML Config file for WPML
Feature : Shop Options to toggle recently viewed and brands carousel
Feature : 3-2-3 Default tab option added
Feature : Header v6 action button options
Feature : Filters and actions for home metaboxes to extend via child theme
Feature : New mobile menu, modified tabs and 2-products in mobile view
Feature : RTL Sliders
Feature : Single Product thumbnail carousel
Fixed : Issue with accessories with tax
Fixed : Static block KC cache issue
Fixed : My account address and sidebar issues
Fixed : Issue with shop page jumbotron
Fixed : 2000px+ responsive issues
Fixed : Empty my account options
Fixed : Ajax removal in cart page
Fixed : Footer issue with IE11

2017-08-30 – v1.0.6

Better compatibility for WC Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro
Added better linkage for affiliate links
Credit card form styling
Fixed an issue with onsale sign
Fixed minor RTL issues
Fixed an issue with single product page image gallery
Fixed a flex menu issue
Fixed an issue with check for header
Fixed an issue with mini cart on cart and checkout pages
Fixed issues with landscape products carousel
Fixed footer issue in Edge

2017-08-26 – v1.0.5

Users can now choose different headers for different homepage templates
Added more features to WC Vendors Pro
Added additional options for Specifications tab
Updated dummy sliders
Updated a single product thumbnail feature
Fixed issues with cross-sells and up-sells
Fixed an issue with dropdown
Fixed an issue with loading third-party sliders

2017-08-22 – v1.0.4

Fixed issues with 1400-1600px screens
Updated sliders to fix 1400-1600px screen res
Home v4 widget issue fixed
Custom color issue fixed
Added more options in Techmarket

2017-08-21 – v1.0.3

Added my account theme options
Fixed issues with mini cart in header
Single product accessories issue in safari

2017-08-20 – v1.0.2

Updated sliders to remove unwanted Google Fonts
Fixed layout issues with cart and checkout
Updated mobile header to show count
WC Vendors Pro compatibility
Home v5-v8 - Smart customisation feature introducted
Issue with sticky header menu fixed
Quick switch to Roboto available

2017-08-11 – v1.0.1

Updated TGMPA requirements
Dummy data updated
Categories carousel slug issue fixed
Mini cart dropdpown disabled in cart page
Live search issue fixed in color background

2017-08-07 – v1.0.0

Initial Release

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