Best Hosting for WordPress in 2022

Best Hosting for WordPress

It is a very complicated question to answer. Hosting companies have needed to catch up in recent years. What you are going to see next is not a ranking , but a list of the Best Hosting for WordPress providers.

Siteground Best Hosting for WordPress

A very robust and stable hosting that offers three different shared WordPress hosting plans and other different modalities if you prefer to contract a complete server in the cloud. All its plans include high-speed SSD disks and free SSL certificates with instant installation, it allows you to choose the geographical location of the server, it offers “Supercache” to improve the performance of your website through caching and it has a ticket system through chat that will solve your problems practically instantly. In addition, it has just incorporated a new system called “Staging”, which allows you to create a clone of a website and work on it without the result being visible and pass it to production when you need it.

Payments are made through credit card and Stripe.

Of the hosts on the list, it is undoubtedly the best to host web pages made with WordPress and forget about server problems.

Accept payments via credit card and PayPal.

Kinsta Best Hosting for WordPress

It has a little less market share than its most direct competitor, Siteground, but Kinsta has been able to use its strengths as advanced WordPress hosting and is now well placed among the best.

It offers specific plans for agencies, companies, subscription sites, Woocommerce, e-learning or LMS sites, SMEs, and other options. We could say that it has the most specific offer for each niche of the entire comparison that we are seeing.

Some of the most powerful features they have are: unlimited CDN, Nginx, daily automatic backups, 24/7/365 technical support, latest PHP versions available. In addition, it works with isolated software containers, so the resources of each website are individual to that site and, furthermore, unlimitedly scalable. In case the site grows.

Of the hostings on the list, it is the only one that competes face to face with Siteground for the throne of being the best hosting to host web pages made with WordPress and forget about the problems.

The annual payment option they have is highly recommended, since you can get 2 months free when you buy it this way

I would appreciate it if you have had any experience with any of the best WordPress hosting , share it in the comments so I can decide which of the is really the best. You can share them regardless of whether the opinion is positive or negative, the important thing is transparency.

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