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What are metaverses

Metaverses are virtual environments that are made up of shared three-dimensional spaces that endure over time, where humans interact socially and economically through avatars. 

Metaverses have four characteristics:

  • Avatars : they are three-dimensional representations that represent the users in the metaverse, these avatars can be customized according to the user’s taste. Users can communicate with others in the metaverse.
  • Objects : The metaverse has three-dimensional representations of objects in the physical world, such as: walls, furniture, paintings, clothes, etc.
  • Interaction – A user’s avatar can communicate with other users’ avatars and with objects in the metaverse.
  • Continuity : the existence of the objectives does not depend on whether or not the user is in the metaverse, since the three-dimensional system continues to function and does not stop. 

The origin of the metaverse

It was in 1992 in the aforementioned Snow Crash novel by Neal Stephenson that the concept of the metaverse first manifested itself. His argument is based on the existence of a somewhat utopian parallel world in which people could escape from reality.

On the other hand, as the most current precursor, Fortnite stands out, a video game that has a community of millions of users from all over the world and ages, so that there is always someone connected to play with, that is, there is a parallel reality that does not disappear.

Examples of Metaverses: Second Life

Second Life was the first case of virtual metaverse launched in 2003. In order to register on this platform and have your “second life” you simply had to create an avatar and you could access the virtual world of Second Life.

When you entered this world you did so as a resident and the possibilities in this virtual world were limitless; you could explore the virtual world, interact with other avatars (users), play with your friends, and even create digital products and services (digital clothing for avatars, digital music,…) to later trade with them.

This last characteristic is very important to highlight within the metaverses and it is that within them a digital economy is created and developed that will allow the ecosystem to grow

Types of metaverses

Within the traditional metaverses, to call them in some way, we find classic video games like Grand Theft Auto, which allows us to establish relationships with other users virtually in an open world that simulates the real world.

A game style that has become very popular in GTA is “Roleplay”. A mode where the player’s avatar has a job that exactly replicates the real world. You usually start out with a lower-profile job, such as a garbage man or a taxi driver, and depending on the money and experience gained, you can work your way up the social ladder in VR.

On the other hand, Roblox is a clear example of a traditional metaverse with features similar to blockchain metaverses. It is an online video game platform with a very powerful creation system that allows users to create their virtual worlds. Although it does not use blockchain technology as such, many video game developers see it as the natural evolution of the platform.

Within the blockchain metaverses there is a distinction between centralized and decentralized. The main difference between these two types is in the control of the virtual world. Those companies have full control over centralized blockchain metaverses , such as the launch of Facebook. In them, the organization has all the data of the users, being the only one that decides on their future

Programs (software)

Programs and some technologies that are required to create and manage metaverses are: 

  • Virtual reality
  • augmented reality
  • The 5G
  • the blockchain,
  • cloud storage
  • Social networks
  • The videogames
  • Among others


It is important to highlight that in order to enter this metaverse, users must do so through their avatars, which will be in charge of interacting and socializing in this virtual world.

Informing ourselves about these new technological strategies is essential because the new generations, the youngest, are the ones who will have to live with this new virtual environment. Seminar Topic


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