AhaShop – WordPress Theme for Fashion Clothing Store

AhaShop - WordPress Theme for Fashion Clothing Store 1

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Choose me, if you just want to build a fashion simple website to start your small business.. I’m an online fashion clothing store WordPress theme only targets for SMALL to MEDIUM businesses. The theme also suitable for any kind of online store website like clothes man, clothes women, fashion kids, shoes, watches, jewelry, handbags & wallets, accessories, apparel store… Our desire is to help online business owners in building the fashion clothes online store website QUICKLY and EASILY in the beginning. It will be the FASTEST WAY to put products on the Internet.

The theme comes with WPBakery Page Builder, Flexible Slider, the latest version Woocommerce & WordPress, Bootstrap CSS framework, shop grid layout, mega menu, mobile-friendly, contact form, subscribe form and more.

100% fully compatible with the new version

  • 3.9 WooCommerce
  • 6.1 WPBakery Page Builder
  • 5.3 WordPress

Last version theme 1.7.0 AhaShop

Question at HERE or Contact at [email protected]

Theme’s guide here: http://guide.minwp.com/ahashop/

Demo Shop here

Home Page: See this

Shop Products: 2 column | 3 column | 4 column

Product Category: See this

Product details: See this

Collection Page: See this

Contact Page: See this

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Client’s Reviews

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Client's reivew of AhaShop Fashion Clothing WordPress Theme

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Features Overview

Update logs

1.7.0 (Feb 02, 2020)

- Update: compatible with 3.9 WooCommerce
- Update: 6.1 WPBakery Page Builder version

- Add: highlight submenu
- Add: notification on header top
- Add: support for Text Logo type
- Add: show gallery of Instagram
- Add: fixed header options
- Add: custom footer columns

1.6.1 (Sep 27, 2019)

- Updating: compatible with 3.7.0 WooCommerce
- Updating: 6.0.5 WPBakery Page Builder version

- Fixing: customize color feature
1.6.0 (May 22, 2019)

- Updating: compatible with 3.6.3 Woocommerce version.
- Updating: 6.0.2 WPBakery Page Builder version.
- Updating: 1.4 Ahashop required plugin version

- Fixing: Remove line in Slider shortcode.

- Updating: translate some missed strings in Header


- Updating: compatible with 3.5.6 Woocommerce version
- Updating: 5.7 WPBakery Page Builder version

- Adding: On/Off Add to Cart button in Product list

- Fixing: Mini cart when no product added

- Updating: compatible with 3.5.1 Woocommerce version
- Updating: 5.5.5 WPBakery Page Builder version
- Updating: Ahashop required plugin version 1.3
- Updating: compatible with 3.4.3 Woocommerce version
- Updating: 5.5.2 WPBakery Page Builder version
- Updating: compatible with 3.4.2 Woocommerce version
- Updating: change search product box on header
- Updating: change CSS logo on desktop & mobile device

- Fixing: link on cart on mobile
- Updating: compatible with 3.4.0 Woocommerce version
- Fixing: Mega menu show off on mobile device

- Updating: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7 version
- Updating: Available with Woocommerce 3.3.5
- Updating: work fine with WordPress 4.9.6
- Updating: the layout of single product
- Updating: user experience better
- Updating: mobile appearance better

- Updating: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5 version
- Updating: Available with Woocommerce 3.3.1
- Updating: ahashop-required plugin 1.2 version
- Updating: the number of product per shop page setting
- Updating: the dimension of logo brand setting on desktop, tablet and mobile device
- Updating: border-color customize feature

- Fixing: Out of date templates from WooCommerce 3.3.3
- Updating: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.4 version


- Updating: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.3 version
- Updating: Available with WordPress 4.9
- Updating: Available with Woocommerce 3.2.4
- Updating: Adding IconBox CarouselShortcode
- Updating: ahashop-required plugin 1.1.0 version

- Fixing: Adding to cart
- Fixing: Importing example database

- Updating: WPBakery Page Builder 5.3 version
- Updating: Available with WordPress 4.8.1
- Updating: Available with Woocommerce 3.1.2
- Updating: Color customize function
- Updating: ahashop-required plugin 1.0.3 version

- Fixing: multi drop-down menu
- Fixing: slider responsive on mobile device
- Update ahashop-required 1.0.2 plugin

- Fix style variable product in quick view lightbox
- Fix variable product functional in quick view lightbox
- Fix responsive style on mobile device

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