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Grotte - A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme 1

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Grotte is a dedicated WooCommerce shopfront theme for who ever wants to add some sweetness and a bold memorable experience to their shopping sites. With the brand new “Buy For Me” feature, Grotte helps you to create a massive impression on your visitors and also improve your marketing strategy.

Grotte Awards

We care about not only shop and product pages, but also the pages like My Account, Checkout and Cart. You’ll realize that all of those pages are crafted beautifully in order to give the look & feel better.

By the way, Grotte is completely responsive and works like a charm on any device.

Created by Burnhambox

A Brand New WooCommerce Feature: Buy For Me

Grotte Buy For Me in Action

You know the classic “Send to A Friend” button, right? Now take that button and turn it into a great sharing & marketing experience. That’s what Grotte’s “Buy For Me” feature does. This is a brand new WooCommerce feature developed by Burnhambox and launched by Grotte for the first time.

Instead of a basic e-mail which includes a link, your visitors can send the product itself to anyone with this feature. Here’s how it works:

An e-mail preview window shows up when you click the “Buy For Me” button of a product. Here you see the product with the image, title and price. Now you choose a nice color scheme, write your message, prepare your button and send it to anyone. By the way, we’re delicate enough to put an option for hiding the product price  :)

Be quick, see it in action!

You Can Purchase “Buy For Me” Plugin Separately

Viral WooCommerce Plugin: Buy For Me - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Product Pages

Grotte Product Preview

Shop Pages

Grotte has 6 different layout options for shop pages.

Grotte Shop Preview

WooCommerce Features

General Features

Other Features


Here’s a list of plugins those Grotte will be happy with:

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Need Support?

Please don’t hesitate to ask anything. We’re ready to help you on our comments page!

Release Notes

*** v.7.0 ***
+ WooCommerce 3.8.x update.
+ Stability and performance improvements.
+ Minor fixes.
*** v.6.4 ***
+ WooCommerce 3.6.x update.
+ Various arrangements for meeting latest WordPress standards.

IMPORTANT: This update includes a components plugin. Ensure that you've installed and activated it. If your widgets disappear, find them in the "Inactive Widgets" pane and re-add them into the sidebar(s) of the theme.
*** v.6.3 ***
+ Stability and performance improvements.
*** v.6.2 ***
+ Coding improvements.
*** v.6.1 ***
+ Demo content updated.
+ WooCommerce 3.5.5 update.
*** v.6.0 ***
+ Documentation file updated.
+ Demo content updated.
+ Minor typo fix.

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