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IMPORTANT: Codeless Builder now officially part of WordPress.org
So, please delete the actual version and install the theme recommended version or search on WordPress repository for Codeless Page Builder! Make sure to UPDATE to the latest June 1.8 version before.

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June - WooCommerce Theme - 1

June WooCommerce WordPress Theme is more than a theme, June is a Shop Builder with Drag & Drop functionality and Front-end Editing as Live as it gets! With Premade Demos, hundreds of Blocks & Elements and a Tested & Practical Design, Build, Edit & Launch your Online Shop on the go with far less efforts. June comes with Best in Class UI/UX and Unmatched Shop Making Experience.

Loaded with the juicy features & Best Practices of a combination of 50+ topmost Big & Small eCommerce Platforms, June is the Match Winner when your search comes to a performing, detailed, well researched, user friendly & intuitive Shop Building Solution.

June is Multi-Purpose Theme, it allows you to create sites for a wide range of businesses and styles: online shops and stores, blogs, portfolio, business, corporate sites and product catalogs.

June WooCommerce Theme Features


Change logs


Fixed: Small bug fixes


### 1.8

IMPORTANT: Codeless Builder now officially part of WordPress.org
So, please delete the actual version and install the theme recommended version or search on WordPress repository for Codeless Page Builder!!

Updated: Codeless Builder
Fixed: Small JS Fixes on load
Fixed: Install only REQUIRED plugins on setup (not recommended)
Fixed: Single Style Center button alignment on responsive
Updated: WooCommerce Files
Updated: WPBakery & Revslider


* Released: November 2019

Updated: Revolution Slider
Updated: Layer Slider
Updated: Updated POT file 
Updated: WooCommerce Update
Fixed: iPhone, iPad logo
Fixed: iPhone, iPad logo hyperlink
Fixed: Favicon


* Released: June -, 2019

Updated: WP Requirements
Updated: Visual Composer
Updated: Better Gutenberg Compatibility


-Fixed issue with Kirki plugin that shows the 505 error or blank page


- Update Codeless Builder
- Update Visual Composer 
- Update WooCommerce 3.6.1 Compatibility
- Fixed Search in Responsive
- Fixed Add to cart show only if it was set a default value on product variation type
- Fixed Color Swatches
- Added new demo June Electronic
- Added Vertical Menu with MegaMenu


- Gutenberg Compatible WordPress 5.0
- Visual Composer Update
- Fixed:Add to Cart shortcut button removed when is a variable product
- Fixed: Related Items responsive issue 
- Fixed: Search html title entities showed 
- Fixed: Responive Logo (possibility to set personalized logo for iphone or ipad)
- Added: Option to center footer titles and text
- Added: Twitter Login


- Updated the theme to the latest WooCommerce version
- Fullwidth option for Shop Categories Added
- Price Range Order Fixed
- Thank You Page - Responsive Fixed
- Cart Shipping Fixed with the Latest WooCommerce version
- List Grid portfolio added button
- Fixed Incompatibility with IE 11
- Fully Compatible with PHP 7.2.1
- Added an option to remove the Show filter on categories and shop pages
- Whishlist Styling Fixed
- Visual Composer Update
- Adding Attributes Issue Fixed


- Fixed: Issue with Price Sale styling in product variable when variations missing
- Added: Option to change format of variable product to: "From: Min price" style


- Fixed: Small Fixes


- Fixed: Quantity and Add to Cart Button on mobile, style issue.
- Fixed: Variation Availability shown when select a variation
- Fixed: Price variable product (Small to Large)
- Fixed: Select2 above on the bottom of viewport issue.
- Update: WooCommerce Files
- Update: Codeless Builder 1.4.6


- Added: New Demo Watches
- Fixed: Blog single style when change blog style
- Fixed: Small RTL fixes
- Updated: Codeless Builder 1.4.3
- Fixed: Issue when adding new codeless slider on codeless builder
- Added: Option for changing style of related (similar style) items on single product


- Added: Search Page Layout options for standard search page and WooCommerce search page.
- Fixed: Sticky up-sells product style
- Fixed: Header tools when header is light
- Updated: Codeless Builder 1.4.2
- Fixed: Responsive Similar styles arrows and other small fix in responsive
- Added: missing youtube icon in header element and social widget
- Fixed: “Added” and “Add to Cart” texts in codeless-main.js now translatable
- Added: Single Product Image size crop - use the thumbnail crop options
- Updated: Custom Visual Composer to 5.4.7
- Fixed: codeless_woo_get_shipping_class_name Warning error
- Removed: Codeless Builder loading screen, now send directly to the customizer (better performance)
- Added: Button Element, target attribute
- Fixed: Page Header element height in Back-end Visual Composer editor
- Fixed: Google map Height in Back-end Visual Composer Editor
- Fixed: 4 classic Footer columns in mobile small css fix.
- Added: Search Element, hide in mobile option.


- Small Fix: issue when update on 1.3 when visual composer active.


- Fixed: My account tool issue when logged in
- Added: Option for catalog mode only
- Fixed: Price from small to large in grouped products
- Added: Link hover color ( primary accent color ) 
- Fixed: Contact Info Widget Title missing
- Fixed: Popular Posts widget for posts without image
- Added: Missing youtube icon
- Added: Out of stock flash text
- Fixed: Latest fixes for Visual Composer (please install the new 1.0.1)
- Updated: Codeless Builder


- Added: Visual Composer - now can edit on backend too.
- Added: Extra plugins folder, missed from the last update


- Fixed: issue with Tools Dropdown on header (a big thanks to tyt2y7 user on Support Forum)
- Update: WooCommerce to the latest 3.3.3
- Fixed: Small issue when menu in the right column of the header in customizer
- Fixed: Column Link issue
- Update: Codeless Builder to 1.3.4
- Update: Visual Composer ( big steps forward ) compatibility - you can use Codeless Builder or Visual Composer (not fully ready yet)
- Update: Documentation


- Added: Hook filter for categories on Search Header Element
- Fixed: Issue with post meta when installing multiple times
- Added: Add link to clients images
- Fixed: Column Link issue
- Added: Add Custom Sidebar for each WooCommerce Product Categories
- Added: Option for expand all toggles of filters by default


- Fixed: In-page filters on categories
- Fixed: Animations delay issue on mobile
- Fixed: Style widget filter list with ajax
- Fixed: Some small css fixes
- Added: Shop categories columns option
- Updated: Documentation
- Updated: Codeless Builder 1.3.3


- Fixed: Shop Trending Issue CSS
- Fixed: Shop Cart from side issue scroll size fixed
- Fixed: Overlap expanded-search on mobile over other items


- Fixed: Attributes on cart page for each item
- Added: Option: Shop Items per Category
- Fixed: Mailchimp result css fix
- Fixed: Cart Items on header issue when content larger then 90px
- Fixed: Megamenu Overlap filter on category issue
- Fixed: Tag Cloud link color on top footer bar
- Fixed: Shopping Cart from side on mobile
- Fixed: Single products with sidebar on all styles
- Fixed: Category with subcategories style issue
- Added: Option Custom Product item style for categories
- Fixed: Shop tabbed default content
- Fixed: Select field issue on hover
- Fixed: Login form on header on pages without woocommerce
- Added: Option for Share sorting, adding, remove on single product
- Added: Remove Quick view Option
- Fixed: Grouped Product link issue on mobile
- Fixed: Checkout circle checkbox css issue


- Added: Shop Tabbed Element option to order tabs
- Added: Top Navigation show on mobile option
- Fixed: Child Theme issue, updated to 1.0.1
- Fixed: Shop Pagination Style
- Added: Option to add content from builder on top of shop page
- Added: Back to Top Button
- Fixed: Image on Checkout issue
- Added: Global Single Product Style option
- Fixed: Page header simple style issue
- Added: Dark Controllers product style on shop elements
- Fixed: Small Fix in language: Payable
- Added: Add link option on Icon Text Element on Header
- Added: Option for Custom Quick Search Terms
- Added: Single Shop Product Lightbox
- Fixed: Cart Totals checkbox circles style issue
- Fixed: issue with Product Variable on Product Items add to cart button when no variant selected
- Fixed: Tax label right aligned with other elements on checkout page
- Updated: Codeless Builder 1.3.2
- Updated: WooCommerce 3.3.1


- Added: Dropdown for Login / Signup on Header Tools ( Account ) Element
- Added: Placeholder for Register User fields
- Fixed: MyAccount Design when registration are not active
- Added: Option for shop page number of posts to display
- Added: Option - Shop Columns in mobile
- Fixed: Change price on Variable products on Variation Change
- Added: Fully RTL Languages compatible
- Fixed: Hide swatch select label on hover product
- Fixed: Issue with tags on blog post with sidebar
- Added: Option for carousel items in mobile screen
- Updated: Codeless Builder 1.3.1


- Revert Compatibility to WooCommerce 3.2.6
- Fixed: Error with builder when WooCommerce not active and dummy data installed.
- Fixed: Header Tools Options
- Fixed: Button color on Header


- Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.0
- Fixed issue with Setup Wizard

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