Mill – Modern WooCommerce Theme (aka Mommerce)

Mill - Modern WooCommerce Theme (aka Mommerce) 1

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Main Features

Update History

Update v2.0.55 – released 22nd August 2016

FIXED: Incorrect path capitalisation that caused some includes to fail on linux systems.

Update v2.0.54 – released 10th August 2016

UPDATED: WooCommerce templates to v2.6.4.
UPDATED: Default copyright message and year.
FIXED: Bug that caused Theme.php not to be included on certain OS.

Update v2.0.51 – released 21st June 2016

UPDATED: WooCommerce templates to v2.5.5
UPDATED: Revolution Slider to v5.2.5.4
UPDATED: Layer Slider to v5.6.8

Update v2.0.21 – released 19th August 2015

UPDATED: Slider Revolution to v5.0.4
UPDATED: Layer Slider to v5.5.0
UPDATED: WooCommerce templates to v2.4.4
CHANGED: Combined theme, woocommerce and font icon styles from 4 to 1 stylesheet to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

Update v2.0.13 – released 26th March 2015

CHANGED: Titlebar to be enabled by default.
CHANGED: Restructured config to be easier to work with.
CHANGED: Small restructure to SCSS assets to be easier to work with.
UPDATED: WooCommerce templates to v2.3.7.
UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin to v4.6.5.
UPDATED: Cuztom library.
FIXED: Fixed title bug where '/' would display in title.
FIXED: Undefined variable $version in admin assets.
FIXED: Undefined config in framework.
FIXED: Bug when variant image doesn't exist in the gallery
FIXED: Bug where multiple variants wouldn't change product slider thumbnails correctly.

Update v2.0.1 – released 26th November 2014

FIXED: Bug preventing Layer Slider from installing.
FIXED: Shorthand PHP arrays that somehow managed to slip through to theme-options.php. Older versions of PHP now supported again.

Update v2.0.0 – released 25th November 2014
2 bugs squashed & 2 other changes.

Please note that v2.0.0 is a major release, meaning that it contains breaking changes if you’re upgrading from an earlier release, so do expect to have to make some changes, and as always, do make sure to make a backup first, incase you experience issues or want to roll back.

ADDED: New WP Customizer permissions helper added to theme options (Appearance > Theme Options in WP admin) which will make it super simple to check if your permissions for WP Customizer have been set correctly.
ADDED: SCSSlint added and cleaned up SCSS, removed Compass dependency and reduced compiled CSS file size.
ADDED: JSHint added and cleaned up JS.
CHANGED: Completely restructured the theme to be even more logical, easier to work with and customize.
UPDATED: WooCommerce templates to v2.2.8
UPDATED: Layer Slider to v5.3.2
UPDATED: Revolution Slider to v4.6.3
UPDATED: Font Awesome to v4.2.0
FIXED: Bug with product page slider that caused the last thumbnail to be selected on page load rather than the first.
FIXED: Title bug that would cause site name to appear twice in titles when using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.
FIXED: A number of small miscellaneous issues.

Update v1.0.2 – released 22nd March 2014

FIXED: now correctly detected as being installed via TGM-plugin-activation
FIXED: Theme version number updated to match actual version number
UPDATED: RevSlider plugin version
UPDATED: LayerSlider plugin version

Update v1.0.1 – released 18th March 2014

FIXED: Folder structure of
FIXED: Missing file extension on LayerSlider preventing plugin being installed.
UPDATED: Tabs shortcode styling improved on smaller devices.
UPDATED: Added support for PHP 5.2.

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