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Latest Version 3.5.8 – Mar 2, 2020 – view changelog

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Citilights real estate theme

Citilights real estate joomla template

Citilights real estate theme

Citilights real estate theme

Citilights WordPress theme

Citilights is a premium responsive WordPress theme dedicatedly crafted for Property listing portal, as well as Agent and Agency’s website.

Understanding what online real estate business demands, we included in this theme viable functions such as Front-end submission, Membership Subscription, Google map integration, Advanced search, Property Featuring, dsIDXpress IDX Plugin support and more. To turn to the design, we make sure that it brings out premium look and feel to boost your credibility. Various property listing layouts are available and all are fully responsive.

Whether you are building a Property Sales and Rentals website, or you are an agent/agency looking to expand your online presence, Citilights is the right fit for you.

Big update!!! We would like to inform that CitiLights has updated to new version with a new look as well as powerful features include. Hopefully, the new version of this real estate theme deserves users new experiences in building a professional real estate business, much cooler.

citilights real estate template features

Bing Map Integration

CitiLights coming version will integrate the free open source Bing Map, go along with Google Map to help realtors to show their property location exact and simple.
In detail, thí integration allows users to search their cared property in an exact radius basing on their current location.

citilights real estate template features

Property Management System

In the new version, we improve a lot in property management system. Users now can easily manage all properties requirements as submission, adding, editing, saving from the front-end dashboard. Specifically, you can conveniently manage property or submission from the front-end management dashboard as well as setting favorite properties or comparing properties.

citilights real estate template features

Pre-designed Home Demos

CitiLights becomes much modern and functional with adding new homepages demos which follow the trend. Users are able to create their high performance real estate site with ease and keep their online business grow rapidly.

citilights real estate template features

Agents Pages & Agent Dashboard

The agent pages are shown with properties, which are listed in a graceful way, allow agents easily edit, make featured, mark as sold/ rent or delete their listing.

citilights real estate template features

WooCommerce Payments Options

With the integration of WooCommerce plugin, CitiLights offers various payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer and more. Hence, users can freely to choose the best option for the payment of their site.

citilights real estate template features

Advanced Search Customization

With lots of essential information in the advanced search, CitiLights allows user find out the property they need in a short time. Furthermore, the real estate theme integrates with Google Maps and also available as a widget. Let user find their dream house with ease.

citilights real estate template features

Powerful & UX Focused Admin Panel

With the customer’s experience in mind, we designed the options in the most perspicuous way to make the back-end as intuitive as possible.

Membership Features

CitiLights allows users to create membership packages with free, paid, pay per submission and more options

dsIDXpress IDX Plugin Integration

With the aim that your MSL listing is beautifully displayed in our theme, the real estate theme integrates dsIDXpress IDX Plugin.


Allows users to locate themselves on the map and quickly find all properties available around their position.

citilights real estate template features

CitiLights – Full Features List

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CitiLights - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 1

Change log

3.5.8 |Mar 2,2020|
        - [Add] Redirect Page after login and register.
        - [Add] Price, Area dropdown style for Search property
        - [Fix] Testimonial shortcode.
        - [Fix] PHP 7.4 issue.
        - [Fix] Search Property (via Bath Room, Bedroom number).
        - [Fix] Undefine function re_create_agent_from_user.
        - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin.
3.5.7 |Oct 16,2019|
    - [Fix] Advanced search with map display.
    - [Fix] PHP 7.3 issue.
    - [Fix] Contact form agent issue.
    - [Fix] Search live Ajax issue.
    - [Fix] Bing map display issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin.
3.5.6 |Apr 17,2019|
    - [Add] Bing map.
    - [Fix] Property Half Map issue.
    - [Fix] Multi carousel slider in the page.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin. |Feb 21,2019|
    - [Fix] Responsive style issue.
    - [Fix] Your current package issue.
3.5.5 |Jan 15,2019|
    - [Fix] RTL Language issue.
3.5.4 |Dec 11,2018|
    - [Fix] Map Property display issue.
    - [Fix] Property Type search filter not work.
    - [Update] WPBackery & Revolution slider.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugins
3.5.3 |Oct 26,2018|
    - [Fix] Property Submit issue.
    - [Fix] Call to action shortcode button link.
    - [Fix] Advanced search layout.
    - [Fix] Single property details issue.
    - [Fix] Contact Form 7 with Captcha layout issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin.
3.5.2 |Oct 11,2018|
    - [Fix] Type select display name.
    - [Fix] Submit property issue.
3.5.1 |Sep 20,2018|
    - [Add] Nearby, Walk Score for Single Property.
    - [Add] Property Sub listing.
    - [Add] Additional Information for Single Property.
    - [Add] Multi-file upload for Single Property.
    - [Fix] Deactivate WPBackery Page Builder plugin.
    - [Add] Agent filter for the Advanced search field.
    - [Add] Multi-select field (status, location, type) for recent property shortcode.
    - [Add] Show sold property on the listing via the customize config.
3.5.0 |Aug 9,2018|
    - [Add] 3 New Homepages.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin.
    - [Improve] Old dummy data content.
3.4.5 |Jul 5, 2018|
    - [Add] Testimonial custom post type.
    - [Add] New shortcode for Testimonial, client, service.
    - [Improve] Property image upload at front-end.
    - [Add] User menu on the topbar.
    - [Fix] Outdated WooCommerce template files.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP and plugin.
    - [Improve] Style issue.
3.4.4 |16th Nov 2017|
    - Fix Advanced Search Issue.
    - Fix property maker display on the Map.
3.4.3 |13th Oct 2017|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.2
    - [Fix] Map Properties Display issue.
    - [Fix] Other styling issues.
    - [Check] With latest version of WP 4.8.2 and another plugins.
3.4.2 |25th Sep 2017|
    - [FIX] The conflict with WP 4.8.2
    - [CHECK] Check the latest version of WP & Plugins
3.4.1 |4th Aug 2017|
    - [FIX] The issue with Visual Composer 5.2
    - [FIX] WooCommerce outdated template files.
    - [FIX] The search for Bedroom+, Bathroom+,
    - [FIX] The bug can’t get list property on the map.
    - [FIX] The bug when deactivate IDX plugin.
3.4.0 | 12th April 2017|
    - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.7.3 & WooCommerce 3.x
    - [UPDATE] Update latest version of premium plugins.
    - [FIX] WooCommerce 3.0 conflict.
    - [FIX] Other styling issues fixed.
    - [FIX] Many other minor bugs fixed.
3.3.0 | 11th January 2017 |
    - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.7
    - [UPDATE] Support latest version of WooCommerce 2.6.11
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 5.0
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version,
    - [UPDATE] Better support for default Visual Composer shortcodes.
    - [UPDATE] Improve support for dsIDXpress plugin
    - [FIX] Fix a bug of upload images with SSL site.
    - [FIX] Fix some issue of Recent Property shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix some issue of Recent Property shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix some styling issues.
    - [FIX] Many other minor bugs fixed.
3.2.0 | 8th September 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add support for iHomeFinder's Optima Express plugin.
    - [ADD] Add option to change the property style of the property listing page, using older or newer version.
    - [ADD] Improve properties search with the map.
    - [ADD] Add option to enable Floor Plan on the frontend.
    - [ADD] Add Polish translation.
    - [UPDATE] Using an external file to store map data to improve performance.
    - [UPDATE] Flat style for Checkboxes and Radio buttons.
    - [UPDATE] Improve the Ajax image upload function.
    - [FIX] Fix some styling errors.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
3.1.0 | 14th July 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add Favorites properties function
    - [ADD] Add Compare properties function
    - [ADD] Add Google Map API key option. Support for the new Map's policy.
    - [ADD] Add property Half-Map page ( similar to Zillow ).
    - [ADD] Add pop-up login and register.
    - [ADD] Add more style to Agents listing page and making it displays better on mobile devices.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.12
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version, 5.2.6
    - [FIX] Fix bug of single property shortcode.
3.0.0 | 30th June 2016 |
- [ADD] Add custom fields to Agents
- [ADD] Add option to change the
- [ADD] Many improvements to property custom fields: support many types, mandatory fields, using the Chosen library for select fields.
- [ADD] Add option to change the default fields ( bathrooms, bedrooms, and area ) and their icons.
- [ADD] Add option to change the map background.
- [ADD] Add option to use different layouts for Type, Status, and Location taxonomy.
- [ADD] Add option to auto select properties on the Property Slider shortcode
- [ADD] Add Floorplan.
- [ADD] Add before price text.
- [UPDATE] Rewrite the source code for easier to understand and expandable.
- [UPDATE] Support WooCommerce 2.6.x
- [FIX] Fix bug map isn't accurate.
2.4.1 |30th May 2016|
    - [UPDATE] Add/update the language: Russia, Netherlands, and Spanish.
    - [FIX] Fix bug Agents list page doesn't display correctly.
2.4.1 |26th May 2016|
    - [ADD] Add print property button
    - [ADD] Add ability to upload a file to property from admin dashboard.
    - [ADD] Add One Click import demo.
    - [FIX] Fix bug missing string price when agents edit properties.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
2.3.2 |15th April 2016|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version,
    - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.5
    - [UPDATE] Making taxonomy's slug translatable
    - [UPDATE] Send notification email to admin when there's new user registered.
    - [FIX] Fix some style of IDX listing
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't disable social share for Property.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
2.3.1 |17th March 2016|
    - [ADD] Add template files for pages with no header, footer or both.
    - [ADD] Display property's label on the shortcodes and on the detail page.
    - [UPDATE] Enable changing default images/icons in child-theme.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.11.1
    - [UPDATE] Update the French language.
    - [FIX] Fix bug that causes property slider missing sometimes when loading the first-time.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
2.3 |25th February 2016|
    - [ADD] Add new columns to Dashboard's agents list
    - [ADD] Add Columns option to Recent Agents shortcode
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.10
    - [FIX] Add support for RTL language.
    - [FIX] Fix bug missing sidebar border on single post page.
    - [FIX] Fix bug single agent page layout.
    - [FIX] Fix bug dropdown don't show blank category or location.
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't use Font that doesn't has 300 weight.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
2.2.3 |30th January 2016|
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't translate Membership Package duration ( /month or /20 days)
    - [FIX] Fix bug date doesn't auto-translate when switched to another language.
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't show property gallery when there's no featured image.
    - [FIX] Fix bug property detail page break when there's no gallery.
2.2.2 |21st January 2016|
    - [UPDATE] Add support for WooCommerce 2.5.0
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider plugin to version 5.1.6
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer plugin to version 4.9.2
    - [UPDATE] Update Font Awesome to version 4.5.0
    - [FIX] Fix bug with WooCommerce product thumbnail image
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
2.2.1 |24th December 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Add support for WordPress 4.4
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't submit Property in WordPress 4.4
2.2.0 |17th December 2015|
    - [ADD] Add option to use custom forms from Contact Form 7 for Agent contact and Property contact.
    - [UPDATE] Update the citylights Settings:
        Move Custom Fields and Custom Amenities to the separated menu.
        Add Agent Settings & Payment Settings to the same place as Property Settings.
    - [UPDATE] Improve the image slider style when loading.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version, 4.9
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version, 5.1.4
    - [UPDATE] Using color picker instead of plain select within the VC's elements setting.
    - [FIX] Fix bug when checkout with WooCommerce.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
2.1.0 |25th November 2015|
    - [ADD] Add drag & drop for the property's gallery.
    - [UPDATE] Add some elements from new version of Visual Composer.
    - [UPDATE] Add link to property to the image and title on property's info-box.
    - [FIX] Fix fatal error on PHP 5.3.
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't see my properties.
    - [FIX] Fix some style on mobile.
2.0.9 |16th November 2015|
    - [ADD] Add CC Mail option so that all agent email can be CC to another email.
    - [UPDATE] Remove Sold status properties from search option and map.
    - [UPDATE] Making Price and Area search sliders aren't smoothly on mobile.
    - [UPDATE] Making property's info-box on map responsive.
    - [UPDATE] Allow drag & drop the map on mobile when in full-screen mode.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version, 4.8.1.
    - [FIX] Fix error 404 for pending properties by redirecting pending properties to the edit page.
2.0.8 |26th October 2015|
    - [ADD] Add address and Website to agent profile.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version, 4.8.0.
    - [FIX] Fix bug default value of Visual Composer.
    - [FIX] Fix small style issue.
2.0.7 |16th October 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix small bug of recent property shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix bug Column doesn't recognize custom class on the new Visual Composer.
2.0.6 |14th October 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix small bug of recent property shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix bug cannot set the site with of boxed layout.
    - [FIX] Fix bug featured property action on Admin side redirect to the wrong page.
2.0.5 |7th October 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version ( 4.4.7 ).
2.0.4 |7th October 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version ( 4.7.4 ).
2.0.4 |2nd October 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug Membership short code doesn't show correctly.
    - [FIX] Fix PayPal payment can't process on some site.
    - [UPDATE] Add Costa Rica Colones currency.
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version.
2.0.3 |19th September 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug Property search shortcode doesn't work without map.
    - [FIX] Fix PayPal payment when using merchant ID not merchant email on setting.
    - [FIX] Fix bug error link in Property slider.
    - [UPDATE] Add Kenyan Shilling currency.
2.0.2 |11th September 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix VC Accordion shortcode.
2.0.1 |11th September 2015|
    - [ADD] Add columns and Agent filters to Properties admin.
2.0.0 |9th September 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update text domain to comparative with WPML new version.
    - [UPDATE] Move some HTML code to layouts folder for better support Child Theme.
    - [UPDATE] Remove some unused code.
    - [FIX] Fix style of IDX listing on mobile.
    - [FIX] Fix bug conflict gmap script with dsIDXpress plugin.
    - [FIX] Fix some style bugs
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.9.3 |1st September 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update for WordPress 4.3.
    - [UPDATE] Update for WooCommerce 2.4.x.
    - [FIX] Fix issue with recent properties shortcode.
1.9.2 |3rd August 2015|
    - [ADD] Add option to order properties by Featured.
    - [FIX] Fix issue with recent properties shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix issue with WooCommerce pagination.
1.9.1 |30th July 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug: can't activate theme because of error with is_plugin_active function.
1.9.0 |25th July 2015|
    - [ADD] Add support for WooCommerce.
    - [ADD] Add ability to perform payment ( when buying a membership ) via WooCommerce.
        You can now use all the payment method available with WooCommerce.
    - [ADD] Add theme auto update function.
    - [ADD] Add sort option to Recent Properties shortcode ( Visual Composer element )
    - [UPDATE] Remove the count number in the property search fields.
    - [FIX] Make sure the map search work with properties that have multiple types, locations, status
    - [FIX] Fix error can't save info with drop-down fields in submit properties page.
1.8.1 |1st July 2015|
    - [ADD] Add option to sort property by random, and allow you to define the default sorting order.
    - [FIX] Fix falal error on PHP prior to 5.5.
1.8.0 |30th June 2015|
    - [ADD] Add support for Simple reCAPTCHA plugin on register form.
    - [ADD] Add support for search on IDX map.
    - [ADD] Add user's language for France, Portugal.
    - [FIX] Fix error missing some language.
    - [FIX] Fix small issue with dragable function for map.
    - [FIX] Fix small issue with email function.
    - [FIX] Other minor issues fixed.
1.7.2 |5th May 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix error with property gallery.
    - [FIX] Update content of emails to HTML content.
    - [FIX] Fix error messages to agent don't have proper from email.
    - [ADD] Add filter 'noo_google_font_list' for google font list so you can add custom fonts to Customizer.
1.7.1 |22th April 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Add HTML content to all emails.
    - [UPDATE] Update TGM Plugin Activation to fix security bug.
    - [FIX] Fix error payment doesn't automatically approved in some case.
    - [FIX] More strong link escape.
    - [FIX] Fix small style issues.
1.7.0 |26th Mar 2015|
        - [ADD] Add search for property to search in Navigation bar.
    - [ADD] Automatically recognize search value in taxonomy page. Eg: in Rent page, the status search display Rent.
    - [ADD] Automatically filter map's markers in taxonomy page and search page.
    - [ADD] Add Previous, Next button for gallery slider in property detail page.
    - [ADD] Add comment for property.
    - [ADD] Add option to change Footer image background.
    - [UPDATE] Check property status when getting similar properties.
    - [UPDATE] Update WPML xml config file to better recognize Multilingal Content Setup.
    - [UPDATE] User type's marker for map in property detail page.
    - [UPDATE] Update version of Visual Composer to 4.4.3.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: WPML language don't work for Agent Responsive metabox.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: WPML don't work for Agent profile and Submit property page.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: Can't click the property's slider link in mobile pages.
    - [FIX] Fix bug VC Row element's Overlay background color doesn't work.
    - [FIX] Fix error with CTA shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
    - [FIX] Fix small style issues.
1.6.3 |27th Feb 2015|
    - [ADD] Add options to change Search Info text ( ie. "Find Your Place" ) in Map & Search shortcode.
    - [ADD] Allow input text to Property's price.
    - [UPDATE] Change the way to load script for google map for much more efficient.
    - [UPDATE] Update dummy_data.xml.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: Agent can't see image that is deleted in admin side.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: Can't create/update user info for agent.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: Map search doesn't work with Bedrooms and Bathrooms.
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
    - [FIX] Fix small style issues.
1.6.2 |13rd Feb 2015|
    - [ADD] Add Customizer option to show the only Search on Properties Listing page.
    - [ADD] Add Customizer option to show the only Search on Property Detail page.
    - [ADD] Change Property Layout options, now you can use different layouts & sidebars on Property Listing and Detail page.
    - [FIX] Fix bug recent property shortcode display nothing on site with WPML.
    - [FIX] Fix bug Paypal always use sandbox mode.
    - [FIX] Fix bug icons missing in Child Theme.
    - [FIX] Fix small issues with style.
1.6.1 |2nd Feb 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug membership package doesn't change currency.
    - [UPDATE] Make layout for Property's content more fluid.
    - [UPDATE] Auto used username to fill in agent's name.
1.6.0 |22nd Jan 2015|
    - [ADD] Add option to change the Map's height on Property Settings.
    - [ADD] Add option to disable the dragable feature of the Map on mobile.
    - [ADD] Add option to change the map's height of Property Map & Search shortcode.
    - [ADD] Update child theme.
    - [FIX] Fix error can submit property without image.
    - [FIX] Fix error Google map missing controls on property submit page.
    - [FIX] Fix style error of login/register page on mobile device .
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
1.5.8 |19th Jan 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Change the content of the notified email for the agent when there's the new message: add email and name of the sender to the content, add From  to the header.
    - [ADD] Add option to change the height of Property slider.
    - [FIX] Fix error message display when editing profile or submitting property the first time.
    - [FIX] Fix small styling error.
1.5.7 |14th Jan 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix fatal error on line 91 file noo_agent.php.
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
1.5.6 |14th Jan 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Show price/area value when moving the search range.
    - [ADD] Add hook before/after agent contact form for allowing using another contact form.
    - [FIX] Fix bug customizer setting doesn't display on frontend.
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
1.5.5 |9th Jan 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Don't show property detail when there's no input.
    - [ADD] Show Job Position on Agent detail page.
    - [ADD] Add option for show/hide Agent without property.
    - [FIX] Fix bugs area/price slider range doesn't show tooltip value.
    - [FIX] Fix other minor bugs.
1.5.4 |26th Dec 2014|
    - [FIX] Fix bug for footer logo.
    - [FIX] Fix problem when displaying custom post type.
    - [UPDATE] Update version for Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.
    - [UPDATE] Remove some unused code and language string.
    - [ADD] Add option for enable/disable auto fit listings on map.
1.5.3 |19th Dec 2014|
    - [FIX] Fix error Submit property doesn't save taxonomy values: status, type, location, and sub-location.
    - [UPDATE] Add support for WordPress 4.1.
    - [UPDATE] Add lightbox to Property gallery slider.
    - [UPDATE] Remove some unused code.
1.5.2 |18th Dec 2014|
    - [FIX] Fix error Agent Archive Base option has no effect.
    - [UPDATE] Add description to Agent/Property Archive Base options.
    - [UPDATE] Update document for 1.5.x version.
1.5.1 |17th Dec 2014|
    - [FIX] Fix error Google+ icon doesn't display.
    - [FIX] Fix small search form error.
    - [UPDATE] Agent detail page will always work even with no property agent.
    - [UPDATE] Display agent on site without membership ( no frontend submission ).
1.5.0 |16th Dec 2014|
    - [ADD] Add custom search fields for Advanced Search, you can now choose which fields ( including custom fields ) on which place of the search form. Search from Amenities also available.
    - [ADD] Add option for Property slug, you can now change the default /properties/ slug on the URL.
    - [ADD] Add Single Property shortcode for display only one property.
    - [ADD] Add option for Advanced Search and Map shortcode. Now you can choose to display the only map or only search form.
    - [ADD] Add option to Feature Property widget, which also changes the name to Recent Property widget. You can select the property from Type, Location, and Label.
    - [ADD] Add multi-level for Sub-Location, now you'll have more than two levels for location.
    - [ADD] Add map support for dsIDXpress, you can display Map or using Map shortcode with IDX data.
    - [UPDATE] Improve javascript performance.
    - [UPDATE] Improve map function on Submit property page.
    - [FIX] Fix responsive issues on the boxed layout.
    - [FIX] Many minor issues fixed.
1.1.0 |03th Dec 2014|
    - [FIX] Submit Property: fix bug only displays status/location/sub-location with existed properties.
    - [Fix] Submit Property: fix bug image upload doesn't work with small image.
    - [FIX] Properties display: Fix bug properties display wrong order.
    - [Fix] Map: fix error when click on pin icons on Firefox.
    - [Fix] Search form: fix error with price/area range get the value from trashed items.
    - [Fix] Shortcode: fix bug Widget area shortcode not work.
    - [Update] Remove some unused language string.
    - [Update] Update code for generating custom css file.
1.0.10 |13th Nov 2014|
    - [ADD] Add support for Indian Rupee's Lakhs and Crores format.
    - [FIX] Fix bug: Failed opening required ’’.
    - [Fix] Fix error wrong result when search property by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
1.0.9 |10th Nov 2014|
    - [Update] Move custom.css file to 'uploads' folder. From now, you won't have to re-create custom.css file each time you upgrade version.
    - [Update] Switch to use inline CSS if can't save custom.css file.
    - [Fix] Fixed boxed layout problem.
    - [Fix] Fix error: logo misplace on retina devices.
1.0.8 |6th Nov 2014|
    - [Add] Add child theme to the package.
    - [Add] Add separated dummy data for the site that have the problem with data importing.
    - [Update] Update settings of Top Bar group
    - [Update] Update customizer action for Top Bar's settings
    - [Fix] Fix bug Home slider on Page's meta box doesn't work.
    - [Fix] Fix bug can't place Social to the left of the Top bar.

1.0.7 |4th Nov 2014|
    - [Add] Add option for Logo Image height.
    - [Add] Add new option to Property Slider shortcode: show/hide search form and search form information text.
    - [Add] Add new option to Advanced Search Property shortcode: show/hide map and option to remove container as well as background color from search form.
    - [Update] Update layout of Search Result page to match setting for property page.
    - [Fix] Fix bug Search Result page doesn't work on Permalink's default setting.
    - [Fix] Fix bug More Detail button on Property Slider doesn't work.
    - [Fix] Fix minor style of Mobile Icon.
    - [Update] Update dummy data to match new changes.
1.0.6 |3th Nov 2014|
    - [Update] Update new symbol for Indian Rupee.
    - [Fix] Fix bug agents don't display on Agents archived page.
    - [Fix] Fix minor style issues.
1.0.5 |31th Oct 2014|
    - [Update] Change the style of Map's controls.
    - [Add] Add social sharing on Property Single page.
    - [Fix] Fix Fatal error when activate theme first time.
    - [Update] Remove some unused Customizer Options.
    - [Fix] fix bug price/area search sliders don't show up.
    - [Update] Merge plugin Library to main theme function. No need for plugin Noo CitiLights Libraries anymore.
    - [Fix] fix a minor bug with search widget.
    - [Fix] fix bug with Recent Agent shortcode: agents don't display when there're too many agents without properties.
    - [Update] Update demo data
    - [Fix] fix minor bug with handling shortcode with HTML content
1.0.0 |28th Oct 2014|
    - First stable release


All support is handled in our NooTheme Support Center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our template there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the template.

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