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Palazzo, Beyond Functional Real Estate Theme, is our effort for new and great user experience in building up a real estate site. The theme is not only a theme for real estate business but also a great solution for all related real estate terms. We take care of all needs that real estate agents, agencies and companies wish them being available in. Also, with easy-to-use front-end and powerful backend features the theme will engage to more users.

Being in detail, Palazzo comes with the four smashing homepages with reasonable structures and a cool look insight. Plus, Advanced search gives users full of details that be needed for a specific property and also get a strong impression with comprehensive single property page in various style. Last but not least, Agency list we add will give a convenient way for companies to manage their real estate sites as well as all agents who work for them.

Palazzo goes beyond basic real estate theme with these core features below!

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 1

Bing Map Integration

Palazzo has launched a new version with the integration of FREE open source Bing Map which allows users to search their cared property in an exact radius basing on their current location.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 2

Incredibly Improving Front-end Management

Concerning frontend management, users take an opportunity in experiencing new features on the Front-end that are exactly comfortable! Users easily submit a property, manage their profile, save their favorite properties by some simple clicks on the front-end.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 3

In-depth Single Property

The more information of properties are shown, the more understanding customers have about the theme and basing on to choose the best fit. You can find all the essential information as property statistics, ratings, walk scores, video and so on.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 4

One-click Installation & Theme Options

Quickly install the demos with one-click installation and have fun in customization the theme with Theme Options. Furthermore, Palazzo gives you more options in submitting property by offering these two options (For Sale/ For Buy). Also, you can get more options in choosing pricing package and header & footer layouts.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 5Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 6

9+ Powerful Home Demos

Palazzo allows users to quickly create high-performance real estate sites with distinguished functional homepage demos. The real estate theme comes with the 9 smashing homepages with reasonable structure and a cool look insight.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 7

Multiple Types of Searching

Searching is one of the most caring of realtors when developing a powerful real estate site. They wish to find the expected properties quickly and exactly and Palazzo meets the need. Currently, you can find three types of searching including live search, search map, and advanced search.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 8

Different Properties Listing

Palazzo helps you show the nicest way of properties listing with a various property listing layouts as you wish. Following the target of selling properties at best, Palazzo helps realtors, agencies, and agents display their properties beautifully.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 9

Agent & Agency Pages

Palazzo deserves users the informative agent’s page (Agent listing and agent details) and new experience on Agency listing and agency details (New)
Users now conveniently set up and manage an agency with Palazzo thanks to offering smart agency pages including agency list, agency details with various layouts. Now, users get more comfortable in building up and managing all agency pages.

Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 10Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 11Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 12Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 13Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 14

Palazzo Theme – Full Features List:


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Change log

1.2.2 April 10,2020:
    - [Add] The option disable map on site.
    - [Fix] BingMap display.
    - [Fix] Translate with WPML.
    - [Fix] PHP 7.4 issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
1.2.1 Oct 16,2019:
    - [Fix] WooCommerce Outdated template files.
    - [Fix] Property map display issue.
    - [Fix] PHP 7.3 issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
    - [Update] Latest version of WPBakery and Revolution Slider.
1.2.0 Apr 4,2019:
    - [Improve] Quick Setup config.
    - [Fix] Virtual iframe for Property details.
    - [Improve] Field select, multi field select.
    - [Add] More social link to Agent profile.
    - [Add] Agent, Agency Search Widget.
    - [Add] Integrate Bing map.
    - [Fix] Compare page issue on the mobile.
    - [Fix] Pay per submission issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
1.1.1 Nov 6,2018:
    - [Fix] Submit Property for Buy issue.
    - [Add] Autoplay Property Gallery Image.
    - [Fix] Facebook share on the mobile - single property page.
    - [Improve] Realty Portal plugin and add-on. Move realty-portal add-on to plugin Realty Portal.
    - [Improve] Member registration function.
    - [Add] 360 view for Single Property.
    - [Improve] Single property loading time.
    - [Change] My Property Front-end dashboard layout.
    - [Improve] Save search feature.
    - [Add] More info for Agent, Agency manage table.
    - [Add] Sold status for property.
    - [Add] Config to show/hide sold property.
    - [Improve] Advanced search function.
    - [Fix] Bug issue.
1.1.0 Aug 2,2018:
    - [Fix] Import Demo data issue.
    - [Fix] Agent, Agency Membership Type issue.
    - [Fix] Order by issue on the search page.
    - [Fix] Floor plan display issue.
    - [Translate] Rebuild Realty portal plugins language file. 
1.0.9 Jul 25,2018:
    - [Fix] Nearby API key issue.
    - [Improve] Agent, Agency logic.
    - [Fix] Floor plan adding at the front-end.
    - [Add] Sub property listing for submit property.
    - [Fix] Property saving data from Front-end submitting.
    - [Fix] Request viewing for property (Schedule a tour).
    - [Fix] Agent, agent properties front-end management.
    - [Fix] Agent member of the Agency.
1.0.8 Jun 19,2018:
    - [Add] Quick Setup for Realty Portal Setting.
    - [Add] Property tag input.
    - [Add] Delete account option for GDPR.
    - [Add] Show/hide agent info on the property submitting.
    - [Improve] Agent and Agency post type.
    - [Improve] Order history page, add print invoice option.
    - [Fix] Agent properties counting issue.
    - [Fix] Purchase package issue.
    - [Fix] Noo Service shortcode: URL issue.
    - [Fix] Noo Property Banner auto play issue.
    - [Improve] Responsive layout.
    - [Fix] Outdate WooCommerce template files. May 28,2018:
    - [Check] WooCommerce 3.4.0
    - [Fix] Property details fullwidth layout.
    - [Fix] Listing responsive issue on the dashboard.
1.0.7 May 24,2018:
    - [Improve] Front-end Submit logic.
    - [Improve] Theme style, hover effect.
    - [Add] 100+ currency.
    - [Add] Front-end submit: Additional information field.
    - [Fix] Order History issue.
    - [Fix] Profile setting issue.
1.0.6 May 18,2018:
    - [Fix] Front-end style issue.
    - [Improve] Submit Property upload image.
    - [Fix] Agent dashboard style issue
    - [Improve] Page options issue.
    - [Improve] Less file.
1.0.5 May 12,2018:
    - [Add] Quick setup for New Install.
    - [Add] Property Ref number config.
    - [Add] Search function for Property Ref number.
       -  [Move] Custom-style.css file to upload folder.
    - [Fix] Yelp Nearby API key changed.
    - [Fix] Property Search result issue.
    - [Fix] Location popup windows on the Property details.
    - [Fix] Delete agent issue.
    - [Fix] Get the Type, Offer issue on the Shortcode.
    - [Fix] Sticky left sidebar issue and the mobile issue.
    - [Fix] Inactivate plugin issue.
    - [Fix] Properties list Shortcode load more issue. Apr 20,2018:
    - [Fix] Dummy data issue.
1.0.4 Apr 10,2018:
    - [Fix] Set featured property via front-end management issue.
    - [Fix] Edit, publish, delete action on table view - Front-end management.
    - [Add] Confirm message when deleting property - Front-end management.
    - [Fix] Show all tab content on the Property details page.
    - [Add] On/Off neighborhoods function on the Property details page.
    - [Fix] Noo Mailchimp issue on the dummy data.
    - [Fix] Properties listing page with Ajax search issue.
    - [Fix] Noo Property listing - loading issue.
    - [Fix] Properties grid layout on the Safari browser.
    - [Fix] Styling option issue.
1.0.3 Mar 6,2018:
    - [FIX] Custom property contact, agent contact form not display at front-end.
    - [FIX] Topbar scheme custom in the page setting.
    - [FIX] Properties responsive issue.
    - [FIX] Login/ Register popup issue.
    - [FIX] Front-end submit property issue.
    - [FIX] Advanced search listing offer issue.
    - [Improve] Style layout.
        - [CHECK] The latest WordPress 4.9 and plugins.
1.0.2 Feb 10,2018:
    - [FIX] Install requirement plugins issue popup issue.
    - [FIX] WooCommerce 3.3.1 issue.
1.0.1 Feb 09,2018:
    - [FIX] Import demo data.
    - [FIX] Install requirement plugins.
    - First stable release

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