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With Properta users are able to manage their own listings without
accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password
and payment backlog too. By using Properta you can start charging
your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong
monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are industry standard
but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per
featured or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage. Combination
of monetization and our statistics makes Properta a powerful theme.

Theme is quite scalable and you can use it for large real estate
portals or small agencies in just few clicks. Do you need custom
change in your website? Not a problem at all. Everything is hooked
into WordPress actions and can be easily removed or added. If you have
a problem check our extended documentation or video channel. At the
end there is an always our dedicated support staff to help you.

Front End Submission

Properta allows to add properties by your users. Create the property directory by few clicks. If you want you can review newly added properties before publishing. Of course it is possible to charge users for using your website. Plugins has builtin pay per post and package system.

Property management

Manage properties from WordPress admin. Custom version of table display is containing all important information about properties like featured image, price and assigned taxonomy terms.

WP REST API integration

Plugin offers option to search for properties via API. Plugin adds options to filter properties by custom fields. Properta extends default API output by new fields as well. Check an API request at to see how easy is to filter by custom fields. It is possible to filter by same fields as plugin uses in front end widgets. So there are available more than 20+ fields.

Price Formatting Options

Properta supports various price formatting options. You can define the currency where you are able to set currency sign and number formatting options like number of decimal places, decimal point and thousands separator.

For properties you can set another group of price settings. You are able to write alphanumeric text instead of price amount or add your custom prefix and suffix.

Are you developer and still not satisfied with price formatting? Don’t worry. Everything is located in one method so it is pretty easy to change the functionality.

Agencies & Agents

With Realia plugin you are able to assign agents to properties and create agencies grouping agents. Great for internal purposes or directory listings.

Import listings

Import property listings from your CSV/XML file into the Properta real estate theme with free Add-on into WP All Import plugin. Automatically look up property coordinates by address, with support for all other property fields.


Custom post types

Custom taxonomies


One click installation

Please make sure that you are using PHP 5.3.4 and have max_execution_time set to 120 seconds. If you don’t
know your server settings please contact hosting provider.


Photos on preview site are not included in the package!

Update Log

Version 3.1.1
1. August 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: sanitized, validated and escaped values
- IMPROVEMENT: escaped values from property filter
- IMPROVEMENT: updated realia plugin version
- IMPROVEMENT: updated realia-property-slider plugin version
- FIX: fixes of PHP notices
- FIX: fixed loading Google Maps API twice at frontend
- FIX: fixed missing Google Maps API in backend
- FIX: subproperties are not shown in google map nor property archive / widget
- FIX: fixed ignored Grid size for Google map widget

Version 3.1.0
4. July 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: property title is required attribute
- IMPROVEMENT: support for multiple recaptchas on single page
- IMPROVEMENT: lot area in Google marker infowindow
- IMPROVEMENT: default map location changed from UK to whole world
- IMPROVEMENT: enquire form preserves values of inputs
- IMPROVEMENT: show pending listings visible to author
- IMPROVEMENT: support for custom Google Browser API key
- IMPROVEMENT: new user registration notification
- IMPROVEMENT: CSS for public facilities
- TWEAK: English .po file replaced with .pot file
- TWEAK: new TGMPA plugin version
- FIX: fixed white screen after property submission if my properties page is not set
- FIX: fixed baths number in Google Map infowindow
- FIX: fixed package info warning message
- FIX: enquire form email for admin fix
- FIX: agent contact form email fix
- FIX: property area fix
- FIX: MapEscape fix
- FIX: Colorbox fix

Version 3.0.2
25. April 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: public facilites in the submission fields
- IMPROVEMENT: user phone field
- IMPROVEMENT: first name, last name, phone in registration form
- IMPROVEMENT: phone in enquire form
- IMPROVEMENT: improved Google map on mobile devices
- IMPROVEMENT: option to switch between photos with keyboard arrows
- FIX: fixed enquire form which didn't send emails to property agent
- FIX: fixed missing some translation strings
- FIX: missing video in property detail
- FIX: Google sensor warning fix
- FIX: fixed missing price in property detail
- FIX: export file fix

Version 3.0.1
13. January 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: support for WordPress 4.4

Version 3.0.0
27. August 2015

- New mayor update. Theme is not compatible with previous versions 2.x.x

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