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Realsite is advanced real estate WordPress theme. It is a result of years of
development in real estate industry. Theme is completely covering needs of
real estate agencies or portals. We are bringing on the table absolutely new
features like property and search statistics, multiple currencies or property

With Realsite users are able to manage their own listings without accessing
admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog
too. By using Realsite you can start charging your users and earn money.
We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus.
Pay per post and packages are industry standard
but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per featured
or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage.
Combination of monetization and our statistics makes Realsite a powerful theme.

Theme is quite scalable and you can use it for large real estate portals or
small agencies in just few clicks. Do you need custom change in your
website? Not a problem at all. Everything is hooked into WordPress actions
and can be easily removed or added. If you have a problem check our
extended documentation or video channel.
At the end there is an always our dedicated support staff to help you.


standard features

advanced features

property comparison

search and property statistics

home pages

side navigation


Features Overview

Multiple currencies

– unlimited number of custom currencies
– automatic rate conversion
– custom price format

Properties comparison

– compare up to 4 properties side by side


– user’s own list of favorite properies

Sidebar navigation

– use as widget area suitable for sidebar navigation, compare list, favorite, recent or featured properties or anything else


– frontend submission included
– packages system available
– pay per post option
– pay per featured property option
– pay per TOP (sticky) property
– PayPal support


– property views (total views in time or by property, weekly growth/drop)
– popular properties, popular locations
– search queries

Google map integration

– 45+ predefined color styles
– property image in marker
– property detail popup
– multiple items in one building (multiple properties with the exact GPS position)
– automatic grouping into clusters

Various home pages

– google map
– bootstrap slider
– image cover
– video cover

Property filter

– vertical or horizontal style
– 2 modes: with labels or with placeholders

Customizable header variants

– standard header with navigation
– large search input
– advertisement space
– contact information

Property listings

– row/grid display
– sorting options
– TOP properties
– featured properties
– recent properties
– by type / location / amenities / contract

Property detail

– custom header image
– property gallery
– property overview
– video
– amenities: option to hide unassigned amenities
– floor plans
– valuation graph
– public facilities
– position on map
– contact to assigned agent
– similar properties
– share to social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)

One-Click Installation

– import demo content with one button click

CSV properties import ready

– bulk import of your properties

Special pages

– under construction
– cookie policy
– terms & conditions

And many others

– agents & agencies
– 15 widget areas
– scroll to top
– custom action button
– floating customizer with predefined colors by material guidelines
– partners
– CRM: landlords
– payment transactions
– custom measurement unit (sqft, square meters…)
– custom pricing packages information
– blog grid
– shortcodes
– 15+ widgets
– translation ready

v1.9.0 – July 05. 2017

- FEATURE: option to sort properties on taxonomy archive pages
- FEATURE: property filter widgets work directly on taxonomy archive pages
- FEATURE: option to specify contracts, property types or locations in "Properties" widget
- FEATURE: Open Graph support
- IMPROVEMENT: marker icon in the property detail map
- IMPROVEMENT: contact agent form uses own mail template
- IMPROVEMENT: property detail sections has own identifiers
- IMPROVEMENT: properties on fullscreen map page are paginated
- IMPROVEMENT: nice agency map marker icon
- IMPROVEMENT: automatic masonry display of properties and blog posts
- IMPROVEMENT: gulpfile.js
- IMPROVEMENT: social links in the contact widget opens in new browser tab
- IMPROVEMENT: Realia_Query::loop_properties() takes $paginated argument
- IMPROVEMENT: HTML5 validation of numerical property fields
- TWEAK: new helper Realia_Query::is_property_taxonomy_archive()
- TWEAK: template helper templates/misc/sort-options.php
- TWEAK: Realia_Query::loop_properties_all() renamed to Realia_Query::loop_properties()
- FIX: fixed appearance of radio inputs
- FIX: post author permission in submission
- FIX: Google browser API key fix for WP admin

v1.8.0 – October 09. 2016

- FEATURE: new fields in frontend submission: reduced, address, zip, public facilities, valuation
- IMPROVEMENT: user needs to confirm property removal
- IMPROVEMENT: HTML5 validation of required property title field
- TWEAK: rebuilded .pot catalog
- FIX: CSS improvements

v1.7.5 – June 30. 2016

- FIX: fixed missing "From" in email header at agent card
- FIX: fixed pagination in grid template
- FIX: fullscreen map fix in IE11
- FIX: CSS improvements
- FIX: fixed missing translations
- FIX: colorbox fix for floorplans

v1.7.4 – June 1. 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: option to set Google Browser Key
- IMPROVEMENT: web anchors opens in new browser windows (agent and agency row template)
- IMPROVEMENT: CSS improvements
- TWEAK: new TGMPA version
- FIX: fixed missing some translation strings
- FIX: fixed responsive property carousel

v1.7.3 – May 26. 2016

- TWEAK: support for realia-favorite
- FIX: fixed property gallery carousel
- FIX: primary menu wrapper class fix for all header variants
- FIX: author link fix
- FIX: pay for featured fix
- FIX: email in contact info fix
- FIX: missing some translations fix
- FIX: fix of locations in statistics property views

v1.7.2 – April 19. 2016

- IMPROVEMENT: description of location taxonomy in archive page
- TWEAK: .po file replaced by .pot file
- FIX: enquire form fix
- FIX: sensor not required warning fix
- FIX: fixed PayPal account payment
- FIX: pagination fix
- FIX: fix of property title in Facebook and Twitter share
- FIX: fixed missing some translation strings
- FIX: fixed baths number in Google Map infowindow

v1.7.1 – January 21. 2016

- FIX: statistics tables prefix
- FIX: pagination

v1.7.0 – December 11. 2015

- FEATURE: wire transfers
- FIX: WordPress 4.4
- FIX: missing email address
- FIX: compare

v1.6.11 – August 20. 2015

- FIX: responsive
- FIX: child theme

v1.6.10 – July 27. 2015

- FIX: mobile navigation
- FIX: compare page typo
- FIX: updated translation catalogue

v1.6.9 – July 20. 2015

- FIX: taxonomy pages template loader

v1.6.8 – June 20. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: enquire email

v1.6.7 – June 18. 2015

- FIX: agent card email recipient

v1.6.6 – May 31. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: property custom post type author support
- FIX: Social icons alignment

v1.6.5 – May 21. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: updated translation catalogues
- FIX: Compare
- FIX: Partner links

v1.6.4 – May 19. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: PayPal settings

v1.6.3 – May 16. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: refactored similar properties
- FIX: multiple currencies

v1.6.2 – May 13. 2015

- FIX: dummy content

v1.6.1 – May 12. 2015

- FIX: property location order
- FIX: currencies naming convetion
- WARNING: 'realia_pricing_currencies' changed to 'realia_currencies'
- WARNING: 'realia_pricing_currency_jsonrates_api_key' changed to 'realia_currencies_jsonrates_api_key'
- WARNING: 'realia_pricing_currency_other' changed to 'realia_currencies_other'

v1.6.0 – May 11. 2015

- NEW: refactored currency system
- NEW: basic twenty fifteen theme support (if enabled in code)
- FIX: search form action fix

v1.5.3 – May 4. 2015

- IMPROVEMENT: video cover performance
- FIX: PayPal live mode
- FIX: wp all import

v1.5.2 – May 1. 2015

- FIX: package price function not found

v1.5.1 – April 30. 2015

- IMPROVED: logo opacity removed
- IMPROVED: option to disable header title
- FIX: compare page template displaying all properties

v1.5.0 – April 22. 2015

- NEW: Sticky header
- NEW: Boxed layout
- NEW: Custom redirect after login

v1.4.1 – April 17. 2015

- FIX: google map markers position

v1.4.0 – April 16. 2015

- NEW: empty property image placeholders
- FIX: property gallery one image only padding
- FIX: min height for property box
- FIX: responsive issues
- FIX: create new property on front end
- FIX: Under construction allowed memory

v1.3.1 – April 13. 2015

- FIX: notices
- FIX: performance improvements

v1.3.0 – April 9. 2015

- NEW: Fullscreen Map page template
- FIX: responsive header
- FIX: performance improvements

v1.2.0 – April 7. 2015

- NEW: property assigned agent sidebar widget
- FIX: updated translation catalogues
- FIX: documentation
- FIX: performance improvements
- FIX: property filtering

v1.1.0 – April 6. 2015

- NEW: property review with comment and rating
- NEW: widget for total property rating
- FIX: better child theme support
- FIX: similar properties notices
- FIX: performance improvements
- FIX: not responding


One click installation

Please make sure that you are using PHP 5.3.4 and have max_execution_time set to 120 seconds. If you don’t
know your server settings please contact hosting provider.


Photos on preview site are not included in the package!

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