Schön – Modern, Clean & Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Schön - Modern, Clean & Responsive WooCommerce Theme 1

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Download Now      Price :     View Demo

Schön – Modern, Clean & Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.0

Schön is a new eCommerce theme for WordPress, it’s designed with a simple, clean and modern style.

This theme is perfect for your forniture and accessories ecommerce, but it’s clean design is so versatile that allow to use it for any type of online store. It come with many premium plugins ebeded for free, in this way you can save even more the price of the theme.

If you want that your users LOVE your store, then Schön is the perfect theme for you.


Schön provide a powerful options panel that allow you to change all what you need easily. In the package is included Bakery Visual Composer, most famouse drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that save your time and your money (worth 34$), you will be able to set every page in a few minutes.

Main Features

Awesome Banners
Schön provide an innovative banner manager, fully compatible with Visual Composer, that allow you to publish unlimited banners and customize them easily.

Color & Size Swatch (save $25)
Nowdays a swatcher is a must have on every eCommerce, Schön embed for free a premium plugin that allow you to manage your variable products. Users will be able to swatch colors, sizes and every option you want.

Filters accordion
Place all your favorite filters into a cool accordion in the shop page so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Catalog mode
You can enable the catalog mode with only one click, without install any plugin. The catalog mode will disable the purchasing process (add to cart buttons) and if you want you can also hide all the prices of your products.

Social Login
The User Experience is the KEY of sales on an eCommerce, Schon allows you to enable one click login with Facebook and Google+. Is there something that customers love more?.

Header Customization
Customize easily the header of your eCommerce theme, Schön allow to customize colors, positions and also to add unlimited static blocks (messages, shortocds, socials icons, etc).

Footer Customization
The header is not enough, there is also a footer super customizable. Two separated rows divided by columns, and you can set the column layout for each row.

Translation Ready
You can translate Schön in every language you want, it contains the .pot file that allow to translate it easily and in addition it is compatible with WPML, the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

Built in drag’n’drop Page Builder (save $34)
We adjusted and incorporated Bakery Visual Composer plugin into our theme (you don’t have to pay extra $34 for the license). You can easily build unlimited number of layouts.

Slider Revolution (save $19)
Slider Revolution is most famous WordPress slider plugin! You will able to create sliders, captions, transition effects, without effort and without code! You will be able to create multiple slider also.

Fully Responsive
Schön looks great on any device! The clean and responsive design fits to any screen and we ensured it loads fast too! This is a necessary feature of an WooCommerce theme, doesn’t it?

Advanced Typography Options
You can easily switch font families and font sizesfor all the text elements using our Options panel. Each font comes with preview, so you can be sure that it’s right for you.

Extensive documentation
Change something in Schön is very simple, but if it is not enough, we have prepared an extensive and animated documentation that help you in every setup and customization.

Browser Compatibility
Works and looks good on all major browsers, tablets and phones.

Other Features


NOTE: images are not included in package.


NOTE: Schön is compatible with WPML but the plugin is not included into the package for free.


==== 1.3.7 - 23th Jan 2018 ====
- (FIXED) The plugin Grid/List can be disabled without create any trouble
- (UPDATED) Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2.6
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Slider Revolution to
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Visual Composer to 5.4.5

==== 1.3.6 - 20th Nov 2017 ====
- (UPDATED) WooCommerce compatibility
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Slider Revolution to
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Visual Composer to 5.4.3

==== 1.3.5 - 19th Sep 2017 ====
- (FIXED) Impossible to translate some strings
- (UPDATED) Compatibility with WooCommerce templates
- (UPDATED) .pot language file
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Slider Revolution to 5.4.6
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Visual Composer to 5.3
- (UPDATED) Plugin: WooCommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches to 2.4

==== 1.3.4 - 1st Aug 2017 ====
- (UPDATED) WooCommerce templates and style

==== 1.3.3 - 07th Jun 2017 ====
- (FIXED) Fatal error if WooCoommerce isn't active
- (UPDATED) WooCommerce templates

==== 1.3.2 - 19th May 2017 ====
- (IMPROVED) Added an option to disable the login popup
- (IMPROVED) Layout of the login popup in mobile small screen devices
- (FIXED) Issue with the version number of plugin Schon Shortcodes
- (FIXED) Issue with menu/submenu items not working properly on hover
- (UPDATED) Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches

==== 1.3.1 - 29th April 2017 ====
- (FIXED) Some issues with social login

==== 1.3.0 - 29th April 2017 ====
- (NEW) Quick Login Popup
- (NEW) Social Login (Facebook and Google+)
- (IMPROVED) Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.4
- (IMPROVED) Layout of  MiniCart
- (IMPROVED) Layout of Cart page
- (FIXED) Wrong height of the gray area in the single product pages
- (FIXED) Featured products issue
- (UPDATED) WooCommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches to 2.3.6
- (UPDATED) .pot language file

==== 1.2.1 - 10th April 2017 ====
- (IMPORTANT) Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
- (NEW) Zoom on hover for product images, in single product page
- (IMPROVED) Style of the product images gallery, in single product page
- (IMPROVED) Responsive layout of blog page
- (UPDATED) Slider Revolution to 5.4.1
- (UPDATED) WooCommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches to 2.2.9
- (UPDATED) Visual Composer to 5.1

==== 1.2.0 - 14th March 2017 ====
- (NEW) Catalog Mode options
- (NEW) Added new sidebar layout: Collapsable
- (NEW) Accordion option for the footer widgets in responsive view (BETA)
- (NEW) Accordion section for filters in Shop pages
- (NEW) Category filter for the search box in the header
- (IMPROVED) Style of products listing (Listing mode) in responsive view
- (IMPROVED) Style of the sidebar in responsive view, now it's collapsed
- (FIXED) Title of the single product not displayed in certain cases

==== 1.1.3 - 17th Jan 2017 ====
- (IMPROVED) Style of the mobile version
- (FIXED) Issue with the loading of default font "Source Sans Pro" 
- (FIXED) Wrong text domain for a string
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Slider Revolution to
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Visual Composer to 5.0.1

==== 1.1.2 - 16th Dec 2016 ====
- (FIXED) Blog layout in category pages

==== 1.1.1 - 15th Dec 2016 ====
- (NEW) Added categories filter to Products carousel
- (IMPROVED) Loading of the retina version of the logo
- (FIXED) Blog layout in category pages

==== 1.1.0 - 3rd Nov 2016 ====
- (NEW) Option to add an header background image
- (NEW) Option to enable the overlapping of the header on page content
- (IMPROVED) Alignments of the megamenu
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Slider Revolution to
- (UPDATED) Plugin: Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches to 2.2.7

==== 1.0.2 - 14th Oct 2016 ====
- (NEW) WPML integration
- (NEW) Third level menu available also without megamenu
- (IMPROVED) Compatibility with PHP versions older than 5.4
- (FIXED) Menu opening issue with iPhone devices

==== 1.0.1 - 05th Oct 2016 ====
- (FIXED) The issue with woocommerce product review displayed below pages

==== 1.0.0 - 29th Sep 2016 ====
- Initial version

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