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WooPress - Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme 1

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WooPress - Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme - 1
WooPress – Professional, sleek and powerful WordPress WooCommerce template that provides an elegant solution for those who is going to sell products online.

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WooPress – is a professional, sleek and powerful WordPress WooCommerce template that provides an elegant solution for those who are going to sell products online. If you want to create an online store which has both, great design and lots of features – choose WooPress theme.
The design is beautiful and adaptive, it means all the page layouts work perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to smartphone’s.

If you are ready to bring your business online – take your WordPress website to the next level with the

Version 6.2 / Core 1.1.4 – February 06
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9
ADDED: “Hide empty” option in brands filter
FIXED: Compatibility with Elementor canvas template
FIXED: Preloader for some pages

Version 6.1 / Core 1.1.3 – November 07
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.8
ADDED: etheme_products_links()
FIXED: Single product navigation links
FIXED: Instagram
FIXED: Project links shortcode fatal error
REMOVED: previous_post_link_product()
REMOVED: next_post_link_product()
REMOVED: Google plus from 8theme – Social links widget

Version 6.0.1 – August 22
ADDED: Version Compatibility with WooPress Core Plugin
FIXED: Portfolio page with SitePress and Loco translate
FIXED: Placeholder image for product on shop page
FIXED: Autoupdate option (WooPress Core)
FIXED: et_top_cart, et_menu shortcodes, static block and etheme_products shortcodes without WPBakery plugin (WooPress Core)

Version 6.0 – August 16
IMPORTANT: 6.0 is a major update. Do the backup of all the files and DB before theme update!
Theme Options framework was changed to Redux instead of Option Tree, so you will need to install Redux and CMB2 plugins.

ADDED: WooCommerce 3.7.0 compatibility
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.2.2
ADDED: Envato theme check compatibility
ADDED: Royal Admin panel
ADDED: Theme options to WP customizer
ADDED: et-cat GET param for auto sort portfolio while loading the page
ADDED: Enable masonry option for Blog Layouts (grid, mosaic)
IMPROVED: Migration of the Option-Tree to Redux Options
IMPROVED: Migration of the Option-Tree to CMB2
IMPROVED: Added sort order/orderby options for the 8theme product categories
FIXED: Content jumps when slider is set in page settings // 23.07.2019
FIXED: Header overlap with header type 17
FIXED: Header type 13, 14 for custom page
FIXED: Variation product select when “Just catalog” option is on
FIXED: Display of the portfolio single category
FIXED: WooCommerce classes for the product on the single product page
FIXED: Hidden sidebar for pages that do not inherit shop layout
FIXED: The privacy policy option save
FIXED: Category editor
FIXED: SKU on variable single product page
FIXED: Images import
FIXED: Single product tabs issue
FIXED: Footer 1 Padding for (1, 3 footer types)
FIXED: Testimonials WPBakery element (slider interval)
FIXED: Grid/list switcher
FIXED: Banner shortcode/ WPBakery element if height is not set
FIXED: Alt/title/description attribute for logo/fixed logo
FIXED: Minor CSS fixes
REMOVED: woocommerce/checkout/thankyou.php
REMOVED: Show order number option
REMOVED: et_get_versions_option();
REMOVED: isValidEmail();
REMOVED: et_show_promo_text();
REMOVED: et_get_versions_option();
REMOVED: framework/inc/envato_setup/envato-setup-export.php
REMOVED: woocommerce/single-product/short-description.php
REMOVED: framework/shortcodes.php
REMOVED: option-tree/ – folder

Version 5.0 – April 26
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.6.2 compatibility
ADDED: Support of Gutenberg editor for the portfolio, static blocks, and testimonials
ADDED: reCaptcha for the custom registration page and a custom contact form
ADDED: Static block shortcode in Dashboard
FIXED: Portfolio jumping items
FIXED: Theme errors if WooCommerce plugin is disabled
FIXED: PHP 7.2 compatibility with WooCommerce memberships plugin
FIXED: Product placeholder image
FIXED: Site Layout > Bordered
FIXED: Typography styles for some elements
REMOVED: Google plus
FIXED: Prev/next product navigation
FIXED: Minor CSS fixes (products grid on responsive)
CREATED: WooPress Core plugin (v. 1.0.0)
IMPROVED: Widgets, static blocks, projects, testimonials, brands post types moved to WooPress Core plugin

Version 4.5.2 – November 29
FIXED: Product navigation with php 7.2
FIXED: Unclosed a tag in content product
FIXED: Disable title option in mobile menu

Version 4.5.1 – November 02
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.5.1 compatibility

Version 4.5 – October 31
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.5.x
ADDED: Theme Options translation
ADDED: Footer and copyrights paddings option
FIXED: Background size option for the breadcrumbs background
FIXED: Disable share buttons option for the Fixed product layout
FIXED: GDPR (comments section)
FIXED: Product title option
FIXED: Single product reviews with WooCommerce 3.5.x
FIXED: Single product gallery option (existing users need to re-save this option)
FIXED: Slider full width option for the Products WPBakery element (Look Book)
FIXED: Missing fonts
FIXED: Mini cart products order
FIXED: Product image sizes
FIXED: CSS issues
REMOVED: Theme support “title_tag” because of duplicated title in meta
REMOVED: et_wp_title function

Version 4.4 – June 30
ADDED: Custom font uploader
ADDED: (GDPR) remove google fonts
ADDED: Color options for fixed menu
ADDED: Hide empty option for “8theme – Brands Filter” widget
FIXED: Disable right mouse click
FIXED: Search view – hover for 13, 14 header types
FIXED: Product categories vc element Extra Class option
FIXED: Variation product with zoom and without img
FIXED: Single product next/prew navigation ( get_{$adjacent} filters )
REMOVED: Enable Custom CSS file option

Version 4.3 – May 25 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.4.0 compatibility
ADDED: WordPRess 4.9.6 compatibility
ADDED: PHP 7.2 support
ADDED: GDPR compatibility ( options: “Privacy policy for registration forms” and “Privacy policy for contact form” )
FIXED: “Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder” plugin compatibility
FIXED: “8theme product categories” shortcode and VC element ( add option: “Only top-level categories” )
FIXED: Product quick view
FIXED: Minor CSS issues
UPDATED: Translation files

Version 4.2 – March 20 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Title attribute for WC images
ADDED: Option “Close first tab by default” for single product tabs
ADDED: Option to disable default Open Graph meta tags
FIXED: Gallery images > slides per view option (when the product has fewer images than set in theme options > slides per view)
FIXED: Instagram widget
FIXED: Open sidebar by click on mobile option
FIXED: Minor css bugs
FIXED: Select options for variable product on single product page when catalog mode is enabled

Version 4.1.1 – March 07 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
FIXED: Issue with “Add to cart” button on shop page
FIXED: Buttons color for the filters widget area on the shop page
FIXED: Zoom of the main image for variable product

Version 4.1 – February 28 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.3 (You can manage product main image and catalog image size from customized and gallery thumbnails size from WP Settings > Media)
IMPROVED: Sidebar on shop full width
FIXED: Issue with shop filter on mobile
FIXED: Missing favicon option
FIXED: Social links widget in top bar > colorful icons option
FIXED: Missing gallery arrows on mobile
FIXED: Instagram widget
FIXED: Minor CSS changes

Version 4.0 – February 20 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.1
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.4
ADDED: Lazy loading for slider images
ADDED: New header type
ADDED: Custom site width option
ADDED: Slider direction option (vertical, horizontal) for the single product gallery images
ADDED: Slides per view option for product gallery images
ADDED: Header color scheme, fixed header color scheme (light/dark)
ADDED: Top bar color scheme option (light/dark)
ADDED: Top bar background option
ADDED: Menu 2 and 3 level typography options
ADDED: Menu fonts hover and active state options
ADDED: Related posts per page option
ADDED: Option for choosing first category sub item to be opened or closed
ADDED: Ability to disable product tabs on single product
ADDED: Product brands widget hierarchy option
ADDED: Custom CSS styles comes into dynamic.css fine instead of inline code
ADDED: Option for showing newest or oldest testimonials first for the testimonials shortcode
ADDED: Tags on single product option
IMPROVED: Search ( added search by pages)
IMPROVED: Theme Options styles and structure
IMPROVED: Theme options > Custom CSS option
IMPROVED: 8theme VC shortcode “Ajax search by ID, name, SKU”
FIXED: Product categories shortcode (type – menu)
FIDEX: Products shortcode (products type – recently viewed)
FIXED: Team member shortcode (bad email link)
FIXED: Loader behind transparent png image on single product
FIXED: Instagram widget spacing and number of photos
FIXED: Error – Cannot redeclare class TwitterOAuth
FIXED: Removing of custom widget area
FIXED: Non-unique IDs
FIXED: Option tree missing google fonts
FIXED: Missing hatom structured data fields
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
UDATED: Owl carousel to version 2.2.1

Version 3.3 – December 02 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce WC 3.2.6
ADDED: Option “Additional information” in 8Theme VC Instagram element ( to show likes and comments count )
ADDED: Options “Page heading title (Breadcrumbs title)” and “Page heading title google font” in Theme Options -> Typography
ADDED: Options “Return to previous page” and “Return to previous page google font” in Theme Options -> Typography
ADDED: Option “Position of product page banner” in Theme Options -> Shop
ADDED: Option “Position of category description“ in Theme Options -> Products Page Layout
IMPROVED: Banner link for 8theme – Banner VC element
FIXED: Instagram widget in sidebar (correct hover information with different columns)
FIXED: Brands permalink
FIXED: Recaptcha with PHP 7.x
FIXED: Bug with color picker input field in Theme Options and in Page options
FIXED: Design options for static blocks
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

Version 3.2 – October 13 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce WC 3.2.0
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v4.8.2
ADDED: Compatibility with WPML 3.8.3
ADDED: Possibility to add content on the porfolio page
ADDED: Option to choose custom content position on the portfolio page
ADDED: Option for Instagram widget to show additional information
ADDED: Possibility to add products by tag name in 8theme Products VC element
ADDED: WPML translation for 8theme VC elements
ADDED: Option for Product Categories VC element to show categories by IDs
FIXED: Autoplay and navigations options for Instagram VC element
FIXED: Instagram VC element
FIXED: Single product carousel with variations ( resized images )
FIXED: Security Error with favicon
FIXED: Portfolio isotope items
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

Version 3.1 – August 24 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.1.2
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v4.8.1
ADDED: Option to show/hide order number on thank you page
ADDED: Option for Product categories VC element to use multiple parent categories IDs and show empty categories
ADDED: Option to hide Out of stock products for Products VC element
ADDED: Option to change text for the newsletter at the top bar
ADDED: Option to change background color for the copyright area, prefooter
ADDED: Option to add padding in footer area
ADDED: Option to change text of the search button (8theme search widget)
ADDED: Instagram VC element
ADDED: Sidebar open by click on mobile devices for the single product and products page
ADDED: option for fixed promopopup on large devices
ADDED: option for custom content on portfolio page
Added: option for deactivation theme
UPDATED: Translation for text in woocommerce files
FIXED: Text domain in woocommerce files changed to ‘royal’
FIXED: “Create new account” checkbox on the checkout
FIXED: Translation for breadcrumbs using WPML
FIXED: Single product prev and next navigation
FIXED: Mobile menu items width
FIXED: Compatibility with WP Engine plugin
FIXED: Main font for some elements
FIXED: Instagram widget (on load appeared error)
FIXED: 8theme search widget
FIXED: Mobile menu for the fixed header
FIXED: Item by click on mobile devices
FIXED: Ajax search
FIXED: Attachment page with sidebar
FIXED: Product image on add to cart popup
Fixed: Sidebar on registration page
FIXED: Variation image on mobile
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

Version –April 29 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
FIXED: Adding to cart if Ajax add to cart option is disabled.

Version 3.0 –April 27 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Theme activation
ADDED: Setup Wizard
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.0.4
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v4.7.4
ADDED: Portfolio permalinks (portfolio-base, portfolio-category-base settings)
ADDED: PHP-7 compatibility
ADDED: Ajax remove from top cart ( works if Ajax add to cart is activated )
ADDED: Number of the items in top cart drop-down option
ADDED: Top cart icon option
ADDED: Menu options
ADDED: Sidebar position for responsive layout for product page and all the pages that inherit product page layout
ADDED: Custom header option
ADDED: Custom header option for single page
ADDED: Top Cart VC element
ADDED: 8theme Main Menu VC element
ADDED: 8theme Search VC element
ADDED: 8theme Links VC element
ADDED: 8theme Promo popup link
ADDED: Header type option for single page
ADDED: Header overlap option
ADDED: Header overlap option for single page
ADDED: Fixed-header Color Scheme option
ADDED: Breadcrumbs padding settings
ADDED: Multi-pages Ajax
ADDED: Fixed-header background options
FIXED: Google fonts (SSL Certificate)
FIXED: Recent products widget
FIXED: 8theme twitter widget and VC element
FIXED: Compatibility with essential-grid
FIXED: Compatibility with Dokan plugin
FIXED: Product title for add to cart popup
FIXED: Hover image loading for sub domains
FIXED: Change variation image for Quick View
FIXED: 6 columns mega menu type
FIXED: Post protect system for Static Blocks
FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
FIXED: Broken links
FIXED: Add to cart popup text when product name is extra long
FIXED: Images source for subdomains
FIXED: Add to cart popup when product wasn’t successfully added to cart
FIXED: Payment methods
FIXED: Labels for menus
FIXED: Single product page structured data when ‘Show Product Title’ is disabled
FIXED: Single product page structured data (review rating issue)
FIXED: Registration form (fields check)
FIXED: Contact form shortcode
FIXED: PHP errors for products without image
FIXED: Recent posts widget VC element
FIXED: Product title on popup when product added
FIXED: 8theme – Recent Posts Widget
FIXED: Products VC element
FIXED: Single product layout ‘large’ (double tabs)
FIXED: Quick View -> Short description Option
FIXED: Promo popup background size option
FIXED: “Reset product image function” for Product variations images
FIXED: Single product thumbnail slider
FIXED: Brand archive page (double description)
FIXED: Registration form (spam problem)
FIXED: Quick View when only image is shown
UPDATED: Translation
UPDATED: Included plugins
REMOVED : admin.ajax request for simple product

Version 2.9.2 – August 25 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v2.6.4.
ADDED: Link with image for menu ( use custom class “image-link” for menu item)
FIXED: background-size option.
FIXED: Ajax add to cart for variable product.
FIXED: Sidebar position for responsive layout option
UPDATED: Included plugins.

Latest Version 2.9.1 – July 29
FIXED: Login form
FIXED: Cart Popup
FIXED: Cart page
UPDATED: Included plugins

Latest Version 2.9 – July 09
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v2.6.x plugin.
ADDED: Custom ID order and order by settings for VC element Products.
ADDED: Ability to use shortcodes in the brand description.
ADDED: Auto excerpt and excerpt length settings (Theme Options > Blog).
ADDED: Ability to change the layout for every single product.
ADDED: Social Links Widget.
ADDED: Social links VC element.
ADDED: Custom mobile menu for the page.
FIXED: Bug with product title no single product page.
FIXED: Bug with VC progress bar.
FIXED: Bug with VC Message box.
FIXED: Bug with footer Background Color option.
FIXED: Bug with gallery shortcode.
FIXED: Compatibility with WPML plugin.
FIXED: Bug with the Instagram widget.
FIXED: Bug with Category Header.
FIXED: Bug with Sticky post and Related Posts section.
FIXED: Show revolution slider instead of breadcrumbs and page title
FIXED: Bug with Facebook Share button.
FIXED: Bug with VC element – Mega Search.
FIXED: Bug with 8theme Search Widget.
FIXED: Bug with the mobile menu for one page.
FIXED: Bug with IE 11 for Ajax add to cart.
FIXED: Bug with one-page navigation.
FIXED: Bug with Grid Image Gallery and VC Line Chart element on the same page.
FIXED: Bug with Checkout page.
FIXED: Bug with Shopping Cart and variable product.
UPDATE: Font Awesome to Version 4.6.0.
UPDATE: included plugins.

Latest Version 2.8 – January 29
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5
FIXED: Product image hover with over 4 columns
FIXED: Mobile menu on single post
FIXED: Custom widget area delete button
UPDATED: Translations

Version 2.7.1 – December 15 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
FIXED : Theme Options
ADDED : PSD of Coffee, Watches and Furniture versions

Version 2.7 – December 08 (Free Lifetime updates!)  :)
ADDED : New version –
FIXED : Typography options (Google Fonts)
FIXED : Minor CSS bugs 

Version 2.6 – December 08
ADDED: Option to enable Ultimate Addons scripts for all the pages
ADDED: Alt tag for the hover images of products and related products
FIXED: Compatibility Flickr widget with HTTPS 
FIXED: Tabs styles for mobile devices
FIXED: 3op Sidebar position on mobile version
FIXED: Styles of “Thank you page”
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
FIXED: Translation of Theme Option fields with WPML

Version 2.5 – September 30, 2015
ADDED : Custom background for every post and page.
IMPROVED : One page option. Please, check documentation to change one page settings.
FIXED : Flickr widget with HTTPS protocol
FIXED : Fixed product layout
FIXED : Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED : Included plugins
DELETED : woopress/vc_templates/vc_row.php

Version 2.4 – August 15, 2015
ADDED : Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.4.x
ADDED : Hover effect option for Products VC element
FIXED : Scroll on Android Tablets
FIXED : Shipping address on My Account page
FIXED : Registration form bug
FIXED : Instagram Widget
FIXED : Default WP gallery bug
FIXED : Full Width menu if Responsive option is disabled
FIXED : Problem with currency switching (WPML compatibility)
UPDATED : Included plugins
DELETED :  woopress/woocommerce/order/order-details.php
DELETED :  woopress/woocommerce/myaccount/my-orders.php

Version 2.2 – July 03, 2015
ADDED : 2 New Versions –
WooShoes, WooMade
ADDED : 10 PSD Files
FIXED : Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED : included plugins

Version 2.1 – June 24, 2015
ADDED: 4 New Versions
FIXED: Hidden Sidebar
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED: Included Plugins

Version 2.0 – June 14, 2015
ADDED: New Product type – Fixed
ADDED: 2 new types of breadcrumbs
ADDED: 2 new header types
ADDED: Blog Full Width type
ADDED: Shop Full Width type
ADDED: Scroll for widgets in Additional Shop Widget Area
ADDED: Header Background
ADDED: Reviews position out of the tabs
ADDED: Transparent container option
ADDED: Menu typography
ADDED: Page heading typography
ADDED: Header Background option
ADDED: Menu Background option
ADDED: Columns (for mosaic and grid layouts)
IMPROVED: Cart icon
IMPROVED: Search form
FIXED: Tabs for variable product if default variation is enabled
FIXED: Minor CSS buugs
DELETED: royal/taxonomy.php file

Version 1.5 – May 19, 2015 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.8
FIXED: Disable Responsive option
FIXED: Empty categories on Portfolio page
FIXED: Mobile Custom menu
FIXED: Lightbox on single product page
FIXED: Minor CSS changes
UPDATED: included plugins
DELETED: woopress/woocommerce/cart/cart-totals.php

Latest Version 1.4 – March 17, 2015 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED : New version –
Coming Soon
ADDED : Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.6
DELETED : Out of date file woopress/woocommerce/cart/cart-totals.php
UPDATED : Visual Composer plugin

Version 1.3 – March 05, 2015
ADDED : New version –
Sidebar Boxed
ADDED : Demo page that demonstrate abilities of the Visual Composer plugin
ADDED : Newsletter
UPDATED : Plugins

Version 1.2 – February 13, 2015
ADDED : Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.x
FIXED : One Page menu on mobile version
FIXED : Minor CSS bugs
IMPROVED : Menu on screens 992 – 1200px
UPDATED : Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Plugins

Version 1.1 – February 07, 2015
ADDED : New version –
Fixed : Breadcrumbs parallax effect
Fixed : Minor CSS bugs
Updated : Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Plugins

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