Test WordPress beta before the release

Test WordPress beta

How you can test the WordPress beta version in advance. This way you can not only get an impression of the new version but also try out the innovations extensively and see whether the features are suitable for your individual use.

We are definitely looking forward to the new release and will now show you how you can test the beta version.

WordPress Beta – install the plugin

The new major update is coming and you would like to try out in advance whether the update is worth it for you. Then you can easily test the beta version of WordPress.

First, go to the plugin repository in your WordPress dashboard and enter “WordPress Beta” in the search field – you will find the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin, with which you can install the beta version in your WordPress. You can now install and activate the plugin.

Test WordPress beta before the release 1

Then go to the “Tools” section of your dashboard and click on “Test Beta”. In the following overview, you can now see the possible update core settings (see image below) – here you just need to click on the desired update and save it. You can choose between the following two options:

Test WordPress beta before the release 2

Point release 

This updated variant may still contain minor errors but is said to be quite stable. This means that any disruption to your website is fairly minimal as most of the errors have been fixed. We recommend this option!

Bleeding Edge 

This version is more suitable for people who know exactly what they are doing and is therefore recommended by WordPress for developers. There may be errors here that can affect your website.

Test WordPress beta before the release 3

Finally, you have to update your WordPress to the new beta version. To do this, click on “Updates” at the top of your dashboard. On your screen, you will now see the version to which you can update your WordPress. In our case, this was WordPress Nightly Build 6.0. You can now simply “update” your current WordPress version to the new beta version.

Test WordPress beta before the release 4

You should not test or use the WordPress beta version on your live site, but always install it on a test site. When used on your active website, there may be incompatible errors between the plugins, themes, and the beta version. 

Now that you have set everything up correctly, you can get started and have fun on your test page. If you want an insight into current WordPress development, you can read information about the new features of WordPress 6.3 from us.

If you want to get the most out of your website and your creative design options, by all means! Testing beta versions can be particularly exciting for programmers and developers, for example, to test new functions that are currently being used by a plugin. Of course, new ideas can also be collected and tried out both practically and visually.

We think the beta versions are an exciting opportunity to find out about new tools and to question or optimize settings or usage methods. It offers every WordPress user the opportunity to try things out and just play around with WordPress in a safe environment.

WordPress always counts on the community’s help to optimize the new versions and fix errors before the official release. If you test the new WordPress beta versions, you are also participating in the further development of WordPress itself. 

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