Search Tips for SEO

Search Tips for SEO

There are some more tips to know beyond the general tips which we had discussed in the last section. These tips are helpful for the SEO Professionals. They are used to know the Website titles, number of inbound links, google updations etc. There are also some tools which are used to find the all the information about a website in a single click. we will discuss about the tools in the last session.

This shows the number of indexed pages in the google search engine. Through this we can know the total number of pages in that website.Example:

This is used to know the no:of backlinks(Inbound links) coming from the other websites. Example:


To know the list of webpages in the world wide web which are having the keyword in title. Example:

intitle: search tips for seo

To know the last time when the google updated our web pages in its database. Example:

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