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To search on a topic on the Google we simply type the query text in the search bar of the Google search engine. Let we want to search on best antivirus software. When we type the query in the search bar, Search engine uses ANDoperator and OR operator to search for the queries. The operators are used in between the words bestantivirussoftware. The search engine gives first preference to AND operator and second preferece to OR operator. And the results are displayed in the page. So google searches for the words best, antivirus, software. In the results there may be all the three words or not.

There are some tips on google searches which helps in filtering the search content as per our requirement.

double quotes(” “)

when we type the query in between the double qoutes(” “). Google search engine searches for the exact word. As per the above example the search is done for the exact words “best antivirus software“. The pages which are having the exact these 3 words in same order will be shown in the top results.


“best antivirus software” 
“cars for sale in india”
“new hollywood releases”

See the difference by typing the query with double quotes and without double quotes. 

plus (+): and minus (-)

This is default search done by the search engine. when we search for more than two words we use this plus(+) to include the added word. And similarly minus() is used to exclude the word in the search results page which is written after writing minus().

best antivirus + software 
best antivirus - software

See the difference by searching for the above two queries 

Mathematical Calculations

Google search engine can also be used like a calculator. We can do Additions, Subtractions, multiplications. We can also use for mathematical functions like sqrt(),log(),trignometric functions like sin(45),cosine(60) etc…

3%2 --> % is used for modulus 
5^6 --> ^ is used for power 


To know the current time. Simply type query time in the search bar. Search Engine will show the current time of your location.



To know the weather status of your city. Just type weather citynameExample:

weather new york 
weather mexico 

Unit Conversions

We can also use this search engine for unit conversions.Examples:

10meters in centimeters 
5litre in decalitre 
3acre in square feet 
2square kilometer in acres 

Currency Conversions

We can also use it for currency conversions.Example:
10usd in inr -- usd(US DOLLAR) -- INR (Indian rupees) 
25kwd in inr -- kwd(Kuwait Dinar) 
1kwd in usd 


We also search for the maps by typing the query as Map cityname

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