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In the past years Domain Name Selection also played an important role in search engine optimization. But now Google is not considering the domain names in optimizing them in the SERP(Search Engine Page Results). Domain Names are unique once registered cannot be used by others.

We can select any name as a Domain Names. It can be our Brand Name.

We will Discuss about the Domain extensions called as Top-level Domains(TLD), second-level domain names.“. In this name “.com” is called as Top-level Domain Name(TLD). Andmysite is called as second level domain name.

There are 7 Top-level Domain Names. “.com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil“.

Of all the above “.com, .org, .net” can be chosen by anyone. whereas “.edu, .gov, .int, .mil” are for limited purposes. 

Besides this there are many country TLD’s. There are about 150 country level extensions. Some of them are:

  1. ae    :     United Arab Emirates
  2. af    :     Afghanistan
  3. ao    :     Angola
  4. au    :     Australia
  5. bd    :     Bangladesh
  6. bh    :     Bahrain
  7. bt    :     Bhutan
  8. ca    :     Canada
  9. ch    :     Switzerland
  10. cn    :     China
  11. eg    :     Egypt
  12. hk    :     Hong Kong
  13. id    :     Indonesia
  14. ie    :     Ireland
  15. ir    :     Iran
  16. jp    :     Japan
  17. us    :     United States
  18. uk    :     United Kingdom
  19. za    :     South Africa

In the similar way Google has also launched country level search engines. is for global, for india for united kingdom for Japan.

The top-level domain which(TLD) we had chosen we have effect in search engine optimization. If we choose country top-level domain name then our website will be optimized in the country level search engine. If the top-level domain name is among the 7 top-level domains then they will be optimized in global search engine.

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