Discover the new WordPress pattern editor

WordPress pattern editor

Now the novelty is the release of a WordPress pattern editor with which anyone can design a pattern in WordPress and submit it to the directory

The pattern directory was released a while ago . In this directory, anyone can find predefined patterns made with combinations of blocks that serve a purpose, so that one can copy it to their website, instead of starting from scratch. New now is the release of a pattern designer with which anyone can design one and submit it to the directory.

To upload a new WordPress pattern editor, you just have to get a WordPress login and then you will be able to access a design screen that is very similar to the WordPress block editor itself. This way, not only can patterns be picked up and copied, but the community can also freely create and share their own .
The fact of making patterns also has its rules . A pattern usually should not be a single block, but rather a more or less creative combination of several, serving a certain purpose (newsletter module or price module, etc.) and should be a good starting point for the user who uses it on his website can customize it a bit. The text, in general, should not be the protagonist.
Remember that WordPress has a good number of images and creatives without a license that can be used for free and unlimited.

Block Patterns are predefined block layouts, available from the patterns tab of the block inserter. Once inserted into content, the blocks are ready for additional or modified content and configuration.

WordPress Block Patterns Directory

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