Jetpack launches individual plugin for six Jetpack tools

Jetpack tools

Automattic announced that Jetpack  , a plugin that offers a series of features for WordPress sites, can be used from now on in a segmented way. Six Jetpack tools have gained their individual plugins  so that users only implement what they feel is necessary.

Jetpack is one of the most popular solutions in the website building industry and has over 5 million downloads. With it, owners of websites hosted on WordPress  invest in security , backups and more performance without worrying about possible problems between different plugins.

Jetpack tools Details

Some of the Jetpack tools are brand new while a couple others have between one to two years of availability.

  • Four of the new plugins are free: Jetpack Protect, Boost, Social, and CRM are completely free.
  • Two of the plugins require payment: Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Search require a paid plan.

Some of the tools made available individually are new, while others were released a year or two ago. The six options available now are:

  • Jetpack Backup:  allows you to backup the website in real time, in addition to restoring it to any previous point even if it is offline.
  • Jetpack Protect:  scans themes and plugins daily to identify and warn of possible vulnerabilities, based on the WPScan library.
  • Jetpack Boost:  Improves site performance by loading only necessary CSS and images that users can see, as well as deferring non-essential JavaScripts.
  • Jetpack Social: Allows you to manage all your social accounts from one place.
  • Jetpack Search: Offers features such as automatic prediction, automatic spelling correction, instant results, and real-time indexing.
  • Jetpack CRM:  helps you manage processes involving customers, such as invoicing and collections, among others.
six Jetpack tools

Protect, Boost, Social and CRM tools are completely free to use. Backup and Search can only be used via a paid plan.

According to Automattic, this segmentation of Jetpack’s features comes in response to requests from website owners, who lacked the flexibility to choose only the tools they really needed in place of an ” all-in-one ” alternative (all in one, in free translation).

Even with the news, Automattic said that the original version of Jetpack will remain active, but some functions that have become standalone solutions can be removed. So, at least for now, users who prefer the full experience can still enjoy the plugin in its traditional format.

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