Do you want to know if there is a way for more people to find your brand on Instagram?

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If you’ve ever used Google to search for something, you understand the importance of using keywords to be successful.

Instagram has recently boosted its search engine and it is increasingly similar to Google’s, where we enter specific words to find what we want.

Every day thousands of people enter Instagram and use the search engine. Among them they look for jewelry, jewelry, natural stones and more.

The question then is how to get more people to find YOUR jewelry on Instagram?

The solution is to apply the Instagram SEO strategy in your account, we will optimize the keywords of your name, so that it appears faster in the positions of the Instagram search engine.

By taking advantage of these proven strategies, we will make the perfect first impression.

The words in your Bio on Instagram are the same ones that your customers are searching for on Google.

One of the ways to start boosting your jewelry Instagram account is by creating your Ideal Bio. Let’s see in detail what it means.

Why is it important to have a Bio Ideal in your brand on Instagram?

If you want to sell jewelry, Instagram is the best social network to connect with your ideal client, and you have a great opportunity in your hands to increase your jewelry sales.

First step, focus on maximizing the bio of your jewelry account on Instagram to create your Ideal Bio profile.

Your bio is your profile description and includes all the contact information for your jewelry brand.

Through your Bio your potential customers will know what the value proposition of your jewelry is.

Convey the essence of your jewelry brand and your value proposition.

You can get your ideal client to connect with your jewelry brand and the best thing is that you will be able to direct them to your online store.

What is your @username?

On Instagram @username is what you share so that those who already know you can find your brand on Instagram and something else…

Did you know that your @username and profile name with keywords serve as search engines?

Yes, just like when you use keywords in another search engine (like Google), Instagram is INCREASINGLY optimizing its search engine.

And if you take advantage of the new updates now, there’s a good chance your brand will be found by more ideal customers faster.

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