What can I do with WordPress? & How to install WordPress?

install WordPress

Although it is true that in principle WordPress comes prepared to work with posts and pages, with plugins we can create any type of website.


By default, WordPress allows you to blog your posts. It was the first thing that was thought of and for what the core is best adapted.

A blog is a website that collects, in reverse chronological order, a series of articles (posts), which are published periodically , which can be grouped by taxonomies (categories and tags), by dates, by author… which can also contain comments from the readers.

Being the new content always placed in a preferential position with reference to the previous ones, it is said that the blog has dynamic content .

Corporate web

Corporate websites have content that is not preferential with respect to previous ones in time. They are websites with static content , no matter how much it can be updated within the same web page.

They are pages like the main page, the contact page , who we are , services , forums … that can create a simple or much more elaborate web presence.

Online store

One of the most famous plugins in the repository (WooCommerce) turns WordPress into an ecommerce . Many small online stores (and some not so small) use WooCommerce and its addons (added plugins) to sell daily on the network.

With WooCommerce we can create simple products, variable products, categories, the shopping cart… and many more options related to shipping, taxes, payment methods, etc.

How to install WordPress?

WordPress is a free software CMS that you can modify and install wherever you want . In fact, the wordpress.com service is a modified setup where they charge you for a number of services and it is extremely limited.

The most normal thing for developers is to download the software from wordpress.org and install it wherever they want, even on a personal computer. In fact, a private hosting is nothing more than a foreign computer where we install something.

The most normal thing for users is that within the private hosting that we have contracted, we can install the original wordpress.org software with a single click . That server must be minimally current and handle recommended versions of PHP and MySQL.

In any case, the installation of WordPress is very simple and can take from a few minutes to a few seconds , depending on the automation of the process. As long as you have a good hosting, this process will never be a problem.

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