6 advantages of WordPress over other CMS

advantages of WordPress

WordPress has been with us for over 17 years. He must have some very clear advantages of WordPress over the competition to have been at the top for so long and to gain more and more advantage over his pursuers. Right now, 60% of websites that are made with CMS are made with WordPress .

We are going to tell you 6 advantages of WordPress over other CMS .

WordPress themes

Changing the visual appearance of a WordPress website can be done with just a few clicks . In the official repository there are thousands of free themes that will allow us a website with a professional appearance in seconds.

The themes are made up of templates that are each one of the master pages that layout our content . The more customization there is in the theme, the more templates it will have. These templates are independent of the content, they only give it design, so they are suitable for any content.

On the other hand, there are also other payment options that create more advanced designs for us and are mainly used for larger projects, with countless complex templates inside.

WordPress plugins

Plugins extend the capabilities of WordPress with utilities , ranging from something very simple, to completely changing the way the web works. There are plugins to share on social networks, to have an online store, to improve site performance, to create widgets…

The official repository has tens of thousands of free plugins full of utilities. If you want something, surely it is already created and you can find it there. If not, there will always be the option to buy plugins in a marketplace.

There are also plugins that are visual editors that allow us to modify the themes and create very advanced custom templates without barely touching the code. Some of the most famous are Elementor , Divi , and Visual Composer .

Most of the pages in WordPress today are created with page builders or visual editors. So here we have a link between themes and plugins.

The simplicity of WordPress

One of the great pillars of WordPress is its administrator or main dashboard . The WordPress backend, once learned, makes us much more productive.

If the installation of WordPress takes less than 5 minutes and we are familiar with the administrator, we already have a lot to win. If we also manage the theme and its customizer, in just 30 minutes we can have laid the foundations for the entire design of the future web page.

The WordPress Community

WordPress advances because there is a huge community behind it that supports and improves the project every day . This support is through the improvement of the code, its translation, the events, the forums, the uploading of themes and plugins…

WordPress stability

WordPress has been with us for more than 17 years, and has never stopped evolving without leaving behind its first followers . This stability means that you know that a WordPress website can last for many years, and you will only have to update it at the same time as the software.

WordPress Free

One of the main reasons is that WordPress is free . To work with WordPress you will need a domain and hosting (or nothing if you install it on your computer) and everything else you can get for free: themes and plugins.

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